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One Year Visit

Postby mike01 » Wed Jun 17, 2009 5:19 am

I had my one year visit last Friday. I was still not happy with my vision, it lacked sharpness and at night it was especially poor.

My surgeon evaluated my vision and side that my left needed no magnification change and my right eye was -.25 I asked if an enhancement would help me and he said that he would not do it or recommend it. He offered me a glasses prescription. I politely declined because I knew that in the absence of an enhancement I'd be going to another doc for contact lenses.

I went to another eye doc today for a contact lens exam. My surgeon was correct regarding my magnification prescription but never mentioned that I had .75 units of astigmatism in each eye. When the optometrist gave me a pair of lenses to correct the astigmatism my sight was perfect.

I'm happy to be able to see perfectly again but obviously disappointed to be back in corrective lenses. What really bothers me is that through the 4 visits I've had with my surgeon he never told me that my problem was astigmatism. Instead he kept repeating that my eyes were virtually perfect with only a -.25 in the right eye. I knew I couldn't see well and I was made to feel like I was making it up or something.

I'm left wondering why he did not tell me about my astigmatism. It was obvious immediately to the optometrist. Could my surgeon really not fix this with an enhancement? Did he make a mistake in the initial surgery? (I didn't need special contacts for astigmatism before the surgery)

Anyway I'm moving past all this I guess. I'm happy that I can see again and all in all I'm glad that I had lasik. At least I can get by without lenses for many things.
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Postby LasikExpert » Wed Jun 17, 2009 5:30 am

Your astigmatism is likely able to be fixed with enhancement surgery, however it is clear that for whatever reason this doctor does not want to proceed.

If the doctor works with a chain or there are other surgeons within the practice, ask if someone else within the firm can/would do the enhancement.

Enhancement surgery is commonly included in the intial fee and thereby costs the surgeon money to perform (they pay a fee every time that laser's button is pushed). It may be that there is a business policy (having nothing to do with surgery policy) that says they won't enhance someone under a certain diopter. It may be that your surgeon understands his/her limitations.

Before settling with less than desired vision, speak to some other Lasik surgeons.
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Postby Rock » Wed Jun 17, 2009 5:10 pm


I have the exact symptoms that you described. I don't feel so alone after reading your brake light ghosting description. I have had two surgerys but they haven't been able to correct my astigmatism. Glasses seem to work ok during the day, but not so well at night because of the glare. The glare seems to worsen with my glasses on or soft contact in. Also, when you look at a LED clock in the dark with your glasses on, do you still see a ghost? I do. You mentioned needing a special contact for your astigmatism. May I ask what type? I am having a bear of a time finding a hard contact that doesn't cause ghosting of its own.
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Postby mike01 » Thu Jun 18, 2009 1:23 am

Thanks for letting me know about your experience. I do see a ghost when looking at led clocks and displays at a distance. When I get within a few feet the ghosting goes away.

I don't have much issue with glare at night anymore but the ghosting remains. I'm using "Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism" my optometrist referred to them as 'toric' lenses.

Some people use hybrid lenses. http://www.synergeyes.com/

I hope you find a solution for the astigmatism I know it can be very frustrating.
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