1 week post - swelling issues - ghosting worse in light?

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1 week post - swelling issues - ghosting worse in light?

Postby driven64 » Fri Oct 03, 2008 4:36 am

I know there has to be a post in regaurds to this, but in my short time on this site I haven't been able to find this issue and my eyes are tired of looking. :-p


OD -6.50 + .50 x 065
OS -6.00 + .50 x 135


OD 44.00/45.37x084
OS 43.62/44.87x086

New develolpment on 6th day post surgery - I can only read txt on PC with dim lights on, or sun shades on- at work with over head lights the txt is blurry and looks doubled- same with distance vison as well. When I use sun glasses my vision sharpens up or if I am in dim light I can see very clearly as well.

For more discription of development I have listed a quick timeline. Sorry for all typos and spelling errors!

Time Line:

Drugs post surgery: (zmar 6 times/day) (acular ls 4 times/day) (lotemax 6 times/day) (replinish plus every 15 min)

1st day - post surgery visit - close to 20/20 vision - halos- some haze forming thought out the day - Dr said surgery went perfect, but I had some swelling and added below:

Pred Forte hourly and predisone (60/50/40/20/10)

2nd day - lots more haze around lights plus halos -

3rd day - still haze but slightly less - could read on pc and clearly see

4th day - same- less haze - vision getting clearer - still halos

5th day post op visit - seeing almost 20/20- still some sweeling- another round of predisone (20/3day) - removal from lotemax

6th-7th day - could not read PC at work without sun glasses on- text blurry (doubled) - and in ligt vision was blurry up close and distance about the same- (almost clear vision with sun glasses) Haze almost gone- halos getting smaller- (almost looks like double vision arund lights slightly vs. halos now and almost no haze around lights)

(started taking lotemax again end of 6th day to see if that was resulting in the change, doesn't appear so)

Thanks for any comments!
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Postby 3lix0r » Fri Oct 03, 2008 12:01 pm

Hi driven64,

I would suggest reading my post:
http://www.usaeyes.org/ask-lasik-expert ... php?t=1776

You'll see that I was having a very similar issue.
About a week after I got off the drugs it was all much better.
I too was a little scared but about 3 weeks it was just like normal looking at the computer.

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Postby driven64 » Sat Oct 04, 2008 5:06 pm

Thanks for the response!

Mine seems to be a little different. I have almost the same amount of ghosting/blurriness in both eyes and in bright lights and natural light it gets worse.

Now lets say that I am under a shaded bridge and looking out into traffic and off to the side with trees, everything is clear, but if I a in the light the vision gets a blurry again.

Most my halos are gone, now they just look like doube vision around lights. I also haven't had any haziness for the past few days.

On Day 9.

Side note: Had All Laser Custom Lasik
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Changed the title of my post to proide more clarification of

Postby driven64 » Sun Oct 05, 2008 10:08 pm

Day 10: Ghosting/Double vision still present. As I go into natural light or bright rooms it gets worse. For example, opening the frig at night cause a breif moment of claritity (split second) followed by blurry double vision. I have the double vision in low light as well, it is just not as noticable.

The issue is almost identical in both eyes.

Medicine: I am still on pred forte once an hour and predisone (60 mg day) 3 a day x 20mg and am finishing up my zymar (almost gone).

I have read up on as many ghosting issues as I can. Most seem to be worse in low light which confuses me in my situtation.
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Postby LasikExpert » Mon Oct 06, 2008 6:04 pm

It appears that you have an irregularity in the center of your cornea. Why vision gets better in low light is somewhat easy to explain.

Let's say, for the sake of demonstration, that the corneal irregularity is directly in the visual center of your eye and is 3.0mm wide. Let's also assume that in bright light environments your pupils constrict to 3.0mm. In a brightly lighted environment, the 3.0mm corneal irregularity affects 100% of the light passing through the 3.0mm pupil opening. You will get the full effect of the irregularity.

Let's say that your pupils expand to 6.0mm in low light. The irregularity is still 3.0mm wide. The light passing through the center 3.0mm of your cornea is still affected by the irregularity, but the light passing through the ring around the center from 3.0mm to 6.0mm is not affected by an irregularity. The "clean" light mixes with the "dirty" light. In your case, there is enough "clean" light that the image is clear, even with the "dirty" light in the mix.

It is possible that the central irregularity is caused by inflammation, a dry spot, a flap striae (wrinkle), regular astigmatism, or irregular astigmatism. Your surgeon should be able to offer some insight (pun intended).
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Postby driven64 » Mon Oct 06, 2008 6:11 pm

Thanks very much for the response.

I have a follow up appointment on Thursday.

Whatever the issue is, it is the same in both eyes. Hoping it is just swelling or inflamation and well resolve over time. :?
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