what can cause blurry vision?

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what can cause blurry vision?

Postby blurryvision9 » Thu Oct 16, 2008 5:34 pm

I had Lasik one month ago. Pre lasik I was -7 on both eyes with slight astigmatism which I have never even noticed. Post lasik, I am (and was from the start) 20/15 and perfectly clear and not very dry in my left eye, and 'almost' 20/20 and quity blurry and more dry in my right eye. Whatever halos I had are pretty much gone now and starbursts seem to be decreasing. No pain.

It is the right eye bluriness that bothers me and begins to concern me more and more as it has always been there post-op and is not improving with time. The bluriness affects smaller objects or details both in far out and close up objects , but overall distance vision is fine (probably due to the left eye strength). However, reading or computer work is quite straining as the letters are blurry. For somebody who loves to read and relies on computer work for living, I could see it being an issue if it does not improve.

My doctor claims there is nothing wrong going on and the eyes are healing well and all I need is time and constant eye lubrication.

My question is: what could be causing this blurriness and can it still improve? I know a lot of people who had lasik and none of them had any kinds of complications aside from dry eye (which didn't affect their vision all the time) and all were 20/20 - 20/15 from the start (or so they say), so i'm not getting much reassurance from them. I don't think what I have is ghosting as I don't see double, just blurry. And the vision in that eye does not improve neither in far nor short distance when I squint. It does not improve when I super lubricate my eyes or change during the day. Anyone had anything like that? Thanks.
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right eye blurry after lasik - an update

Postby blurryvision9 » Fri Oct 31, 2008 2:00 pm

Here is an update on my situation blurry right eye situation:

What is really going on with my right eye is lasik induced astigmatism (-60..i had some before but it was negligible) AND farsightedness (+1.30). That's what's causing both my far and close distance vision to be blurry. I found this out from my regular eye doctor. My lasik surgeon did not mention that in my last visit, which bothers me quite a bit. He only said things are healing ok and i need to give it time. I am now a month and a half after lasik. My regular doctor said he wasn't sure if i could have an enhancement in my case. Has anyone been in a similar situation? I'm quite freaked out and upset at this point. Could my right eye still improve or is this as good as it gets? Has anyone had an enhancement with similar prescription? Should I go back to my lasik surgeon before my regular 3 month appt. and confront him about these findings or give it more time as he said? Thank you.
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Postby blurryvision9 » Fri Oct 31, 2008 3:28 pm

oops, the exact prescription right now is
OD +1.25-1.00X60
OS plano.

How could it be that just one eye seems so out of whack and the other is perfect?
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Postby Miksu » Sun Nov 02, 2008 9:41 am

I'm 2 months post-op and have similar symptoms in my right eye. The vision is blurry at all distances. The blurriness is caused by astigmatism and farsightedness. It doesn't bother my overall vision because my left eye is strong, but if I close my left eye reading and looking at the computer screen becomes difficult.

The situation was much worse right after surgery and has slowly gotten better. I'm hoping that things continue to improve. I'll know more after my 3 month check up.
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Postby PRK_EYES » Fri Nov 07, 2008 5:20 pm

I had my PRK surgery done 6 weeks ago.

My vision was 20/40 right from the begining, double vision, halos, starburst and all.

I couldn't function at all, I was in a panic mode.
Finally went back to the doctor, She gave me +1.0 contacts for
temporary fix.

From other websites, there seems to be a planned over correction to
compensate regression.

In your case, you may be young, your eyes autofocus ability is better than
me. I have contacts and still using reading glasses.
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3 months and still blurry

Postby gluonspin » Fri Nov 07, 2008 8:36 pm

I can relate to your issues. As noted in my "Total Blurriness in One Eye" forum submission, I am now past three months post Lasik surgery and my right and dominant eye is blurry with objects near and intermediate distance. I did see improvement for far distant objects around the 2 month mark and can see distance fine when my eyes aren't tired. My doctor said I don't have an astigmatism, just farsightedness right now. He gave me a +1.50 contact lens but it isn't working, I think because the issue involves something else entirely. Further inflammation? I don't know, but my job depends on my ability to pass a 20/20 eye exam and I can't with my right eye...
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Postby veryblurry » Tue Jan 13, 2009 4:03 pm

Blurryvision 9,

It sounds as though I am experiencing something similar. I had lasik surgery 8 weeks ago (-350/-400) and now find that I can see decently from afar (left eye better than right) though I cannot see anything up close. Impossible to read books or work on computer without prescription +150. The +150 glasses only help but do not provide great clarity. Also, they make me dizzy after a while. The doctor is talking about touching up, and at this point I worry about things getting even worse.

Can you provide an update on your condition?

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4.5 months...still blurry

Postby blurryvision9 » Wed Jan 14, 2009 7:43 pm

Unfortunately, I'm still the same, if not even slightly worse on the right eye. My lasik doctor refuses to do touch-up at this point saying that i am not farsighted but just 20/25 on the right eye, which is not enough in his opinion to do a touchup. When I asked him whether it's not a new astigmatism he said, well yes, but my cornea is still healing. He said to wait till half year mark to see what happens. He says there is big chance things will improve.

I'm beginning to doubt him for 2 reasons: my regular eye doctor (non-lasik, older guy) diagnosed my right eye with new astigmatism and slight farsightedness. Lasik doctor claims i am not farsighted at all and if anything i'm still nearsighted (he claims 20/25). Could two eye doctors, one lasik specializing, one not, have such distinct eye diagnosis???? Is the non-lasik doc not seeing something in the cornea which lasik one does that makes the diagnosis so different?
Second, my lasik doctor does not want to do any touchup on my right eye because it's 'only 20/25'. At this point i'm not sure if I should seek another lasik doctor's opinion or another regular doctor visit? Any advice from anyone? I'm quite discouraged and disappointed right now...
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Postby engmsf » Thu Jan 15, 2009 5:06 pm

I had Lasik in October 08 and I'm pretty much the same. Left eye is clear and focus, -0.25. Right eye is blurry +0.25-0.25x75ish, but I really only notice the blurriness when I'm trying to focus on text on the computer or street signs. These numbers are actually getting smaller (closer to plano) every time I visit the lasik clinic or regular eye doctor, which encouraging in the healing process. I believe you should only consider touchup if your eyes have stabilized.

My regular eye doctor showed me why I am more blurry in my right eye through the pictures they took that I was able to view. It is more difficult to notice the flap cut on my left eye as they line up really well. The flap on my right eye is not perfectly lined up with the original cut. My question is has anyone been told about this and how normal/important is this where the flap is not perfectly line up with the original cut? I'm just going to give it more time to heal.
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Re: what can cause blurry vision?

Postby ellehcor » Fri Dec 24, 2010 2:57 am

I had surgery May 3rd, 2010. My life has changed completely since that day. I feel hopeless, severe headaches and left eye pain. Can see in the distance but have lost my vision in my intermediate towards me. Suicidal, think about ending my life everyday. Just wanted to have one more Christmas with my kids. Back in progressive glasses but not seeing clearly, lost my job that I was at for 10 yrs. Went to see Dr [B] in Miami hoping he could help me with scleral lenses. The day before I was to leave to fly back home I was being taught how to put lenses in and take them out. Upon taking the lens out of my left eye my flap lifted. What else could go wrong. Am supposed to go back to see Dr [B] to try again, scared. Not sure if I should try GP lenses. Downside to sclerals they are very large the size of a dime. They have to be put in with a plunger and removed with a plunger. Prepping them takes more time too, cleaning then filling them with saline before I place them in my eye. Also I needed to choose what vision I wanted, I want my life back in front of me, so I'm going to have to wear glasses for distance. Sucks, I have to wear both contacts and glasses at the same time. Ridiculous!!! With the GP lenses I read, can be multifocal so all 3 planes would be achieved. Since I can see in the distance can that be plano and then have script for intermediate and reading. No glasses needed. Read they are small and do take some time to get used to, also difficult to remove but I figure it's like anything else you first learn, once you do it over and over it gets easier. Also they move when you blink but should not move so much that your vision becomes blurry. I know my vision is not going to get better. It's been almost eight months. If I don't find resolution soon, I'm going to give up because I don't want to live the rest of my life like this.

Note: Edited to remove nane of doctor.
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Re: what can cause blurry vision?

Postby LasikExpert » Sun Dec 26, 2010 12:34 am

What has your doctor diagnosed?
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Re: what can cause blurry vision?

Postby DeadWomanWalking » Fri Dec 31, 2010 9:03 pm

Please know that there are those of us who understand exactly how you feel when no one else does. I had lasik in September and have been suicidal ever since. No one can tell me what is wrong with my right eye (I have been to 3 doctors.) I also can see distance fairly well, but near and mid vision are gone. No one understands that every minute of every day is sheer hell. My family tries to understand, but they can't. Everyone says to go to a psychiatrist. Yeah, I tried one and it was a joke. Our problems are way beyond the scope of ordinary depression and no one seems equipped to help us. I know that for me, that loneliness contributes greatly to my despair. I know that suicide is not the answer, but I also do not want to live like this. Perhaps we can try to help each other by listening. If we could find some answer to our vision problems, we would have some hope. I'm so tired of people telling me it will get better. I guess they simply don't know what to say or do. One thing I want us both to do is pursue every option before we give up. I know that I feel so stupid for not seeing the horrible list of side effects prior to having this procedure. I thought I was an intelligent person, but now I second guess every judgement. I have no faith in my own mind anymore. Please know that I will pray for you as I do for myself and please let me know how your journey progresses. I will post any information that I find out that I think may help you. Let's try to hang on together. I do understand your misery. You are not alone.
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