PRK is great -Starting 5th week and Have some questions

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PRK is great -Starting 5th week and Have some questions

Postby Charlieman » Tue Nov 18, 2008 9:56 pm

I am in my 5th week after PRK. I elected not to do monovision because of my motion sickness as the doctors recommended. I was able to have lasik or PRK but for safety issues elected PRK. I know I am better off without glasses. I can see so much without them and excited. I have anxiety attacks from not being able to see crystal clear -even my hands or feet. I am still not able to see faces clearly in detail, read street signs from a distance. My left eye hurts for about 3 days now like it is swollen and from touching it lightly it feels bigger than the right eye over the eyelid. Although I can see the horizon, not detailed and everything looks liek it is about 95% corrected, yet nothing is as clear as it was when i wore glasses (had for over 40 years). I go for the monthly followup witht he doctor on Nov 24. He delayed it anotehr week because he had to see me a 3 days afterwards when bandages fell off. Does this sound like a typical healing processs?
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Postby PRK_EYES » Wed Nov 19, 2008 5:04 am

I am in a similar situation as you do. I am 7th week post PRK.

My vision is 20/40. I wear +1.0 contacts, so I can function.

The doctor gave me some info on PRK recovery.
Most people achieved 20/30, 20/40 after 3 months.

It is painful not able to see well.
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Postby Pappy » Thu Nov 20, 2008 7:58 pm

It took me about 15 weeks to feel like I could see "normal"

Your swollen eye is something I did not experience and from all the stories that does not sound "normal"

Even 6 months after I found my vision "crispening" as in details becoming sharper. I found and still find wearing polarized lenses in high glare situations helps bunches.

Hang tough, some people go through a couple of weeks while others have the full 3-6 month heal period where you vision goes from "this sucks" to "hey not bad but not great" to "I can live with this"

I'm now almost 1 year out and I'm at the "pretty awesome and happy" stage but it took a long time to get here.

Good luck with your healing to both of you and if possible try to compare your vision week to week as opposed to day to day. I know, not so easy, but it will relax you a bunch.
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Postby Charlieman » Thu Nov 20, 2008 9:02 pm

Thank you for your comments. It is very helpful and encouraging
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