Epithelial non healing?

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Epithelial non healing?

Postby neo_6053 » Mon Nov 24, 2008 2:49 am

3 months ago, I've gone through the epi-LASIK eyesight correction at 1 of the famous LASIK company in our country. The doctor suggest me to take the epi-LASIK because i have short sightedness of 900+ on both eye.

after the correction, my eyesight is very blur but my right eye get better after 2-3 weeks, and now i have long-sigthness of about 100 on my right eye.

However, my left eye never get better and it still very blur after 3 months.
The optometrist told me my left eye still has haze. BUt initially , they told me it took 2-3 weeks to recover. But now it's already 3 months !!! and i'm losing my patient. i already went back for checkup couples of time. and the last time, they ask me to use an eyedrop so call "FML" - florometholone 0.1%. o've use it for about 2 weeks. i dont see any improvement.

Last month, I went to another eye specialist. The doctor told me i have Astigmatism of about 200-300 !!! which is worse than what i have before. i was told that i have 100+ of astigmatism only before the correction.

What's the problem of my left eye? is my eyesight correction surgery consider a success or failure? i'm losing my faith to the LASIK center. What can i do now?

besides, recently i also found that my right eye get blur after long time facing the computer. i hv no choice coz i work as a programmer. Will this affect my longterm eyesight? What can i do to avoid my right eye from getting worse?
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Postby neo_6053 » Thu Nov 27, 2008 4:22 am

no one can help me ?
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Postby PRK_EYES » Thu Nov 27, 2008 6:23 am

It is possible to develop astimagtism after surgery.

I don't think regular eye doctor can tell you that you have astimagtism
because your eyes still in healing stage.
From what I read from some website, there is a specific test to check
astimagtism for post lasik patient.

Healing time may be up to 6 months.
I think most doctor have some sort of touch up policy.
However, doctor may want to see if you are fully stablized prior to
any touch up operation. Your best bet is to talk to your surgeon,
sometimes they don't know how unhappy you are until you tell them.

See if you can get some of contacts to improve your vision.
I am wearing +1.0 contacts. I can function pretty good.
I do a lot of computer work as well.

Blur vision usually caused by dry eyes.
My doctor told me to use Bion tears or tear-gel (contains oil)
so it helps to retain moisture.
Also, flaxed seed oil is also good as well.
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Postby LasikExpert » Thu Dec 18, 2008 10:57 pm

Corneal haze is an uncommon, but known, complication of surface ablation techniques like PRK, LASEK, and Epi-Lasik. The haze is part of the wound response of the cornea. FML (steroid) is used to mute the wound response to keep things from getting worse. It can sometimes make things much better, but that really comes from healing.

The wound response means inflammation corneal inflammation means induced refractive error. All or part of your current astigmatism may be due to the haze and/or inflammation.

Corrective lenses will not resolve all problems caused by haze, but will resolve refractive error that may be caused by the inflammation. Of course, the refractive error will change as the inflammation is resolved.

Haze can take a long time to fully resolve, but I've seen really dreadful cases full resolve to clear corneas after enough time.
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