Restasis after Lasik without dry eyes?

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Restasis after Lasik without dry eyes?

Postby happysofar » Thu Feb 05, 2009 5:52 am

I had Lasik done 5 days ago on both eyes (Intralase with the CustomVue VISX laser). I am doing great so far; was 20/20 in both eyes at my 1 day follow-up. I seem to be on a pretty standard regimen of Vigamox, prednisolone drops, and artificial tears postoperatively for the next few weeks. I chose my Lasik doctor because he did Intralase over the other doctor I had an initial consult with who uses a mechanical microkeratome (potential flap issues scared me).

One thing that has been bothering me is that the other doctor gave me a prescription for Restasis that he apparently uses on everyone while the doctor I went with said I didn't need it. I have done some reading and am wondering if there are some advantages to using Restasis even if I don't have dry eyes, and I didn't see a down side. Can Restasis give a better outcome even if you don't need it for dry eye?
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