PRK- 3 weeks ago

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PRK- 3 weeks ago

Postby jalena » Fri Feb 20, 2009 7:36 pm

Just thought i would give a little synopsis of my progress. I've been reading a lot of posts, but PRK posts aren't as common.

Today is my 3 week mark!

Day of Surgery- I went to the office thinking I was getting Lasik. However, my dad had a corneal disease and had 2 transplants. When I told the surgeon this, she highly recommended the PRK surgery. She said the recovery would be longer, but in 5 days, I would be fine!

There was no pain in the surgery. A little discomfort when they brushed the cells off my cornea, but it was mainly just my nerves. They did give me a nerve pill, but my hands were still shaking during that part of the surgery. After the surgery, I went back to the hotel to sleep for about 4 hours. When I work up, I could see but not clearly. I didn't have any real pain.

That evening, my husband and I went to the mall and to dinner. I slept fairly well that night, but did wake up a few times with burning in my eyes and excessive tearing. It was nothing that I would consider painful....just annoying!

Day 2: When the doctor checked my vision, it was 20/50 in my right eye and 20/40 in my left eye. He said it would get better, and he warned me about pain in Day 3.

Day 3: No pain. Hard to see TV (even our 60 inch), impossible to read computer. Keeping my eyes closed felt the best as they were slightly scratching and it was frustrating to see so blurry.

Day 4: Went for my follow up appointment. I was told by the surgeon that I would get my protective contact out this day. My cells had not grown back enough, so the contact stayed in. My right eye was 20/50 and left 20/30.

Day 5 - 8: I could not work as my job consists of working on the computer for 8 hours. I went to see my optometrist Day 5, 6, and 7. Each day used special drops and took a picture of my cornea to show me the progress in my cells growing back. By Day 7, they were back to around 99% and the contact was taken off.

Days 5-8 were the worst. Not being able to see on top of being bored (off of work, hard to read or see TV, no driving) made me very depressed....probably worse than I've ever felt. I think I cried ever day. I just kept worrying about my vision and thinking it wasn't normal. The surgeon did not explain the long recovery in enough detail for me. Until my husband found some forums on Day 9, I really thought there was something WRONG.

Day 11: Went back to work for the first day. It was extremely hard to look at the computer. The longer I stared at it, the blurrier it got. There was lots of ghosting. I went to the doctor to make sure everything was okay. I was very nervous that my vision was regressing. My right eye was 20/40 and left 20/20. Of course, I had a lot of hazing and would not consider this crisp, clear 20/20. I was definitely guessing at the letters.

Day 15- This is the first day that I really noticed that I could work all day on my computer without a lot of ghosting and blurring! I was happy! It's still hard to see road signs on the interstate or see details on faces.

Day 21- I went back to the doctor for a follow up. I read 20/25 in my right eye and 20/20 in my left. The numbers actually surprised me because with the blurring and ghosting, it really doesn't seem that GOOD. He also checked my eyes. The cells are 100% grown back. He did see some hazing on my eyes. He also checked the prescription. I do have an astigmatism, which I never had before. He said it should clear up. I'm hopeful! I am still slightly disappointed, but from what I am told...give it time. We will see....

Road signs and faces are still hard to see clearly! My eyes do not feel dry, and there is never any pain. The computer gets blurrier near the end of the day, but nothing that I can't deal with.

I won't go back for 3 weeks to the doctor. I will keep everyone posted.
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