Intralase w/ Wavefront Custom success...

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Intralase w/ Wavefront Custom success...

Postby ToolBoy » Tue Mar 03, 2009 1:00 am

Had it Feb 20th...

Started with 3.75 & 4.50 w/ slight astigmatisms in both. Day after, left eye was 20/40 and right was 20/25 with slight astigmatism.

Week follow up was 20/20 in both with very very slight astigmatism in right.

Halo stuff is going away, and starbursts are slight. Have slight dry eye now, but only after staring at the computer. Near vision is a little weaker, which I obviously expected. When relaxed, and not staring at close things, dry eye is almost nil. As of this moment, I'd recommend the all-laser Lasik to anyone.
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