Considering Second Retreatment for Consecutive Hyperopia

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Considering Second Retreatment for Consecutive Hyperopia

Postby overcorrectedjw » Tue Mar 10, 2009 8:36 pm

I'm a 48-year-old male who underwent Custom IntraLasik in January 2008. Prior to this procedure, I was nearsighted (Right -775 SPH, -150 CYL, 20 AXIS; Left -8.25 SPH, -125 CYL, 175 AXIS). Unfortunately, after the procedure I was overcorrected. A few weeks after that procedure, my prescription was (Right -+0.75 SPH, -0.50 CYL, 10 AXIS; Left -+1.00 SPH, -0.50 CYL, 180 AXIS). The combination of hyperopia and presbyopia made my all-around vision poor. Because of that, I underwent a retreatment in September 2008. Afterwards, my vision was terrific. Needless to say, I was very pleased. During my early follow-ups, I reached 20/20 with both eyes. Unfortunately, since then, my vision has gradually deteriorated. My current prescription is (Right -+1.50 SPH, -0.75 CYL, 180 AXIS; Left -+1.50 SPH, -0.750 CYL, 180 AXIS). While the numbers look worse than after the first procedure, I feel like I see better now then I did then. My vision has clearly gotten worse when compared with the first couple of months following the first retreatment. The surgeon told me today that I've had complete regression from the results obtained during the first retreatment. He couldn't explain why. He offered to do another retreatment in two months if my eyes remain this way. I welcome any thoughts on what may have happened or what I can expect from a second retreatment. Thanks and regards.
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