PRK Zyoptix

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PRK Zyoptix

Postby keith » Tue Mar 24, 2009 6:22 pm

Well, I finally got up the nerve to get the procedure. I opted for PRK Zyoptix primarily because my thin corneas said so. In addition to Glen and others on this site and other sites feeling this is a safer method. Recovery time, or should I say, initial pain and discomfort, that was another thing. Have someone you Love dearly, be there for the first 48 hours, to pry your eyes open and put in the drops.

My numbers, 41 years old.
OD. -5.75-0.50X107 OS -6.50-0.25X027
pre-op K readings OD Min. 42.0 Max. 42.4 OS Min. 42 Max 42.6

The procedure was absolutely painless, except for signing the financial agreement, and was handled very professionally. I was given a relaxant prior to going in, then given numbing drops by a technician just before going into the O.R. The surgeon, this was the first time meeting him, sat with me and described the procedure he was going to do. He assured me there would be no pain or discomfort, but did tell me I would probably hate him in four-six hours.
I positioned myself on the table, surgeon placed more numbing drops in the right eye, taped the left closed. He then used a polisher to gently rub away the epitheleum, again, no feeling what so ever. He then sponged off the eye, added more drops and told me to look at the red light. There was the clicking sound and it was accompanied by a smell of burning flesh.. This lasted only a minute or so. He then gently poured cold, cold, COLD, water into the eye to flush out residue and to stop inflammation. Additional numbing drops and a contact bandage was applied. The same procedure for left eye. Every action was explained to me throughout and he was very encouraging saying everything was going perfectly well.
When done, was asked my birthdate, I thought they might send me a nice gift for my B-day, no, it was just to make sure I was still with it, not freaked out. I sat up, looked around and saw a big analog clock, was surprised at detail. The surgeon thanked me, said I would heal up fine and will have 20/20 vision or better when my eyes settle in. Was given painkillers and lots of drops for my journey home.
Slept for 4 hours, awoke with burning and pain just in the eyes. No headache, per se. Put in heavy-duty numbing drops, they slow recovery, but boy do they work. Took pain pills, went to sleep. Repeat every four hours until morning of second day. Went for check-up, more numbing drops, burning pain is gone, just light-sensitive. Eyes are doing fine, healing better then expected, reading 20/40 on the chart. Went home and relaxed all day.
Day three, no pain or discomfort. Sight would be great after drops put in, only Refresh tears. No check-up.
Day four, no sensitivity to light, vision is like looking at everything in high-def. It is slightly painful absorbing all the fine detail. Got an irritation in left eye, removed the contact and replaced with another they provided, irritation went away.
Day five, today, had right contact removed. Left had come out on its own. I can't sleep with contacts in, don't have to anymore !!! Both eyes have healed perfectly, now it's just take care of them as they settle over the next 6 months or so into what will be my stable vision. Reading today was 20/20 left eye, 20/40 right. But as they had removed the contact from the right, it made my eye blurry. Right now, they both see very well. Hopefully they don't regress, but actually get shrper as the technician said they would. She had same procedure done 1 year ago. Sorry about the length, just wanted to be thorough.
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Postby Indept » Wed Mar 25, 2009 4:30 am

Welcome. Glad to hear things have gone well. Don't get discouraged if things regress somewhat. I had just the right eye done Feb 12. It was good for the first 3 weeks (except for a couple days after the bandage contact was removed). Then it seemed to regress but I've come to realize that I have some ghosting which is affecting sharpness. My doctor said that should get better as time goes on so I'll be patient and I recommend you do the same if things get a little worse because if they do, hopefully it won't be for long. I have a thread in this forum that you may want to check out just to get an idea of how things could go. Good luck and keep the artificial tears close by.
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Postby keith » Mon Mar 30, 2009 4:01 am

Just an update, 10 days since the procedure and all is doing well. Had a scare on Saturday morning, I awoke suddenly at 4:30 A.M. to my cell-phone, thought I was late for work and just popped my eyes open, not good. Intense pain in the right eye. Had to still go work, in a dry, dirty prison environment, but went to Dr. office at first break, they saw me right away. No tearing or damage done, just informed I had very dry eyes, left not as bad. They told me that the preservatives in Refresh tears can dry out your eyes so they switched me to Bion tears, a sterile, non-preservative type. Has been very good. Also, use tear-gel at night. I have never had dry eyes before, was told this will not persist. Vision was 20/25 in left, 20/30 in right, this after examining them thoroughly. After three 12 hour shifts, eyes are tired, noticing slight ghosting while reading computer screen, didn't notice this while eyes are refreshed and not tired, so am going to sleep as I am off for two days now, yeah.
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