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Postby Atlanta123 » Mon Jun 22, 2009 8:17 pm

I am 45 and I am on day 7 after Lasik. I don't recall my exact Rx, but I was nearsighted with the over 40 reading issue so was aware I would need glasses to read after Lasik. I went to a large clinic with very reputable doctors with a ton of experience in the field.

From post op, I have had pretty good super far vision. However, my frustration lies in that (1) Mornings are blurrier then afternoons. (2) Even with reading glasses I cannot read small print. (3) I have blurry or not good clarity from close into the intermediate range. Outside in sunlight is way, way better but inside light (house, office, church, etc...) is blurry or poor clarity at all distances.

My question is: Should I be "patient" and hope healing will continue and vision will improve or am I likely going to need an enhancement later? This has certainly not been the miracle next day result my friends had promised!


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