LASIK 2.6 months back. Wondering if PRK was better ?

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LASIK 2.6 months back. Wondering if PRK was better ?

Postby amol0010 » Mon Jul 13, 2009 11:33 am


My original prescription was LE -0.75/-1.00 and RE -1.00/-0.75 : sphere/cylinder.

After numerous reviews of different LASIK machines on the net, I found out that B&L zyoptix had one of the best machines around, and decided to undergo test if I was correctable, the doctor after carrying out the entire checkup said I was.

He also advised me to go for regular LASIK over wavefront, since I have a very small pupil which dilutes very little in light, hence he advised me that wavefront would not result in anything better than standard lasik.

Post op residual corneal thickness is 450 um.

Post op visual acuity is 20/15 in both eyes, with no night problems of haloing and star bursts after close to 3 months. I did face these for a while (1 monthI think).

I am very happy with the operation as far as the results are concerned.

But my only concern is regarding the flap.

I do indulge in sports like canoeing and skydiving at times.

I like trekking and mountain climbing.

Was it a better idea to go for PRK instead of lasik ? Flap dislocation is my single worry.
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