Very uneven vision nearly two weeks after Lasik

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Very uneven vision nearly two weeks after Lasik

Postby mpk17 » Mon Jan 25, 2010 6:56 pm

I had Lasik on 14 Jan 2010 and one eye is excellent clear both at a distance and up close. But my right eye is very, very blurry both at disstance and up close. I am keeping up with my drops and trying to be patient, but this is driving me a little bit nuts and giving me a headache when reading or facing a computer - something I do every day. My Dr. was very blase about the whole thing and told me it will take time, but I'm beginning to wonder. Any advice out there? Will I be needing a second procedure? Is that even possible? What questions should I be asking my Dr when I go to see him again on 11 February?
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