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Postby clare jarrett » Tue Mar 09, 2010 9:27 am

Had lasek surgery and wavefront 3 weeks ago today. Both my eyes were around -4 perscription and i had astigmatisim in both. Since the surgery i have had double vision and blurring. When i had the bandage lens removed 3 days after surgery the lenses had stuck to my epidermal cells and so pulled the surface cells off on removal. I was given drops and told they healed quickly. I have been back to the optometrist twice since and return again on friday. He keeps saying that my eyes are still healing and that between my appointments my eyes have improved though only slightly. I have still not passed the eye test to drive my car and as my glasses no longer work am unable to work - although i was told onlyto book 3-5days off. I can read further down the chart than i could before surgery however even the very large letter at the top of the chart is blurred and has a double image shadow to the right of it. I really do wish i hadn't had the surgery done as i feel my eyes are worse than before. When i go outside i find it hard to focus on faces so could easily walk past people i know. Do you know what is causing this. I excepted that it was healing for the first two weeks but am now very concerned. The optomitrist told me if it is an over or under correction they can operate again but not until six months free of charge. Am i guaranteed it would work this time and if i need lenses in the mean time would they be responsible for paying.
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Postby LasikExpert » Thu Mar 11, 2010 3:57 am

You have found that "heal quickly" is a relative term.

The epithelium is the outermost layer of corneal cells. They are also the fastest reproducing cells in the human body, but they still require time. The epithelial damage you suffered when the bandage contact lens was removed was probably very similar to the epithelial damage that occurs with LASEK. If you read about LASEK vision recovery, you are likely going to see similarities to what you are experiencing.

The first step is for one layer of cells to cover the entire area, then thicken, then smooth. It is reasonable to expect "functional fuzzy" vision for 1-3 weeks and steady improvement with the crisp vision you expect at about 6-8 weeks postop.

The eye drops are probably to control the wound response and/or reduce the probability of an infection.

Residual astigmatism can cause ghost image, depending upon how significant the remaining astigmatism. Read about double vision after Lasik.

What you have suffered is not exactly common, but it is a known Lasik complication. It is also known to heal completely if given enough time. Something you can do to help is keep your eyes moist with preservative-free artificial tears (single use vials, not bottle) and close to rest your eyes throughout the day.

Please report back as you progress.
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Postby clare jarrett » Thu Mar 11, 2010 3:28 pm

Thank you so much for getting back to me. You have put my mind at rest. My optometrist has said much the same thing but I was still worring as progress seems so slow.
Thanks again
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