PRK after RK complications and eye steriods

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PRK after RK complications and eye steriods

Postby cathymeyer » Wed Mar 31, 2010 4:37 pm

HI I had PRK 12 weeks ago because contacts could no longer correct my vision. (I had RK 15 years ago and was able to use contacts for years) My reading vision
post PRK is horrible now...I was using readers at 1.25 now 3.25 to 3.5 with large print books and computer set up as zoomed. I'm using my reading glasses for driving at this point. My surgeon (very well known and excellent)is great and has had me in almost every 2 weeks to monitor my cornea. Apparently it has gone flatter which no one can explain. I"m wondering if anyone else has had this reaction and if the steriod eye drops could be a contributing factor. I use lubricating eye drops every 2 hours. They are going to taper me off the steroid drops over the next 6 weeks. The surgeon is saying that rather then an enhancement (since I did not respond well) she is thinking that if things don't improve she'd like to put a lens under the cornea. Anyone have that done?

At this point my old yuchy vision with glasses was better.
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