overcorrection from -8 to +2

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overcorrection from -8 to +2

Postby omid » Fri Apr 16, 2010 4:33 pm

I am a 41 years old man.I just had an operation Lasek 2 month ago on my both eyes at the same time. Befor operation I had in my right eye -8 Dioptrie and 1 astigmatism at 180° and in my left eye -8 Dioptrie and 1 astigmatism at 5°.I didnt have any complication during the healing period, 2 weeks after operation I had my best vision after surgery which was about +1 dioptrie on each of my both eyes.My Doctor said after some period of time it will go to zero.After that I was feeling that not only my near vision is the same or worse but also my far vision becomming worse for sure.25 days after operation I went for the check up and told my doctor about my problem and after measurment he found out that I have +2 dioptrie on each eyes and 0.75 astigmatism.I am an oral surgeon and I explained him that with this vision I can not work at all, so he prescribed for me glasses with +2 and 0.75 astigmatism.with this glasses I could see perfectly the near and far distance as well.one month after the operation my doctor removed all the steroid drops and I just used the eye drops lubricants.I felt that a little my vision becomming well but not too much.6 weeks after operation according the computer that measuring the dioptry my eyes had +75 D, but in practis and reading the chart my doctor again found out that still I have +2 D.From that day I am using UNICLOPHEN drop 3 times aday and yesterday wich was 2 month after the lasek again the computer measurment showed +0.5 D but in reading the chart it was between +2 or +1.5 each eye.
My problem is that I can not see the far distance well and sharp and I can not read a book or see the monitor with my eyes.The question that my doctor can not answer is why when I am wearing the glasses of +2 or +1.5 I can see the far distance absolutely perfect that I wished my eyes could see so, as well as I can see the near subjects.I hope you can answer this question, or if anybody has the same problem that I have?My last question is if this problem will be improved by time or I need another surgery?I dont have any pain or dry eye and according to my doctor my cornea has no complication.
Thank you for your answer in advance.
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