LASEK on 28 march 2010: a positive story

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LASEK on 28 march 2010: a positive story

Postby 2simran » Tue May 04, 2010 3:43 pm

I am Simran from india and i had LASEK surgery on 28.march 2010 in India.
I had researched on the surgery for a year, watching my elder brother and my cousins get it done, before i took the decision to go for it.
I was -2 in both eyes with mild astigmatism. cornea thickness appx 520 in both eyes. The LASEK doc gave me 2 options as usual- Lasik & Lasek

I went for Lasek to reduce the flap related problems and also i was ok with the long recovery time of LASEK.

The surgery was smooth and i was on fish oil and vitamin C tabs.

i started driving from the 5 th day after surgery and noticed minor halos and starbursts (manageable).
As i am a software professional. i have 2 work for hours in front of the system. For 8 days i was not able to sit in front of my laptop as every thing was blurred and my doc advised me to increase the font size till my eyes are healed.

I started to drive (long distances- to my office) from day 9 ( 50 kilometers/day on my bike with out helmet -25 kms in day and 25 in night). It felt very uneasy to work on the PC as i was able to see double vision.
From the second week i was able to notice the change in my eyes. I was able to work on my laptop and pc without changing the font and was not able to see any double vision. I never had dry eyes problem in my life and never used lubrication eye drops. Now my eyes feel dry this is because i work on the PC for 10-12 hrs in a day but its not something that is causing any problem.

after 1.2 months,I am able to drive in night, the halos and star bursts are almost gone and i dont have any problem working on a computer. I am on flarex- 3 times a day and systane- 4 times a day.

For fun i sometimes ask my friends to read a distant sign board to check if my vision is perfect.

I have my checkup this week end and will keep u updated on my progress.

for the people who are considering lasik, please know the post operative problems and read posts of others who have had this surgery. As most of the people who have negative outcome of the surgery , post here it dosent mean that the surgery is not safe. My brother and 3 cousins got it done and they are very happy. I am also very happy with the outcome. Complications might be there but all these depend on ur eye condition and the history of your eye problems.

The best thing one can do is fish out a good doc from the pool of doc's who do the surgery and get the pre check up done at multiple places to get opinions from different docs.

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Re: LASEK on 28 march 2010: a positive story

Postby 2simran » Tue May 04, 2010 3:46 pm

forgot to mention the most important ting -----Be patient. Its a surgery and every surgery requires some recovery time. Just follow ur docs advise and keep him updated with the progress.
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Re: LASEK on 28 march 2010: a positive story

Postby LasikExpert » Tue May 04, 2010 6:01 pm

Thanks for the great information!
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Re: LASEK on 28 march 2010: a positive story

Postby PRKorIntacs » Thu May 06, 2010 2:12 am

Thanks for sharing your story. I am looking to get PRK and will be the only one in my family to do so. My brother is only a -1.25 so he only needs glasses for driving. My sister and mother can tolerate contact lens so no need for laser surgery. My dad is too hyperopic for anything but IOLs. I have a cousin that is also looking to get lasik or PRK to reduce her dependancy on glasses.
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