A Positive outcome with HUGE pupils and lattice degeneration

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A Positive outcome with HUGE pupils and lattice degeneration

Postby bjd2k1 » Sat Aug 28, 2010 3:10 am

WOW well I just wrote up a really long post detailing my entire lasik story and when I hit submit I apparantly had timed out and was required to log back in, thus losing my entire post.... perhaps someday I will rewrite it but it took an hour so it wont be tonight. I will attempt to give a brief synopsis however.

Pre-op Information

OS: -4.50 x .75 x 180 OD: -4.00 x .50 x 60
corneal thickness: 546um left and 568 right
pupil size: 8.2mm average on wavescan
schirmer's test: above 20 on both eyes
bilateral lattice degeneration (dx'd during pre-op exam using optomap scan no tears or holes present)

Procedure Information

Performed at TLC by one of the Top 3 surgeons in the country
CustomVue Intrase LASIK using Intralase FS laser and Visx Star S4
enlarged flap and optical ablation zone at my request to avoid night vision problems.

Post Op Information - 1 week

OS: plano to +.25 no astigmatism OD: -.50 no astigmatism
halo's are comparable to when I wore contacts no other visual disturbances (although some glare and starbursts were present a few days postop)

I had trouble finding posts that mentioned lattice degeneration which could be a contraindication for LASIK which is the reason I am posting this here now. My surgeon used the intralase laser to create a larger flap to accomodate the larger ablation zone and also because it has lower suction and IOP during the flap creation than regular microkeratome. So far I am very happy with my LASIK outcome and glad I didn't let all of the doom and gloom websites scare me off. While my heart goes out to people who experienced complications, you must go in knowing the risks and make an educated decision. Pupil size alone is not the end all be all of night vision problems in my own experience. I had a great surgeon and we worked together to get me the best possible outcome.

I am hoping that the OD eye will get alittle better so I don't have to get an enhancement because my dominant eye is my right eye. But my vision has been pretty stable since day 1 postop only changing from -.75 to -.50 OD and 0.00 to +.25 OS in a week so we will see.
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