post op double vision

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post op double vision

Postby Mercy » Thu Apr 14, 2011 4:26 am

I've seen the other posts re double vision after PRK. I am 5 weeks post op and I still have double vision or ghosting. My overall vision is not as clear as I antisipated at this stage but I have improved considerably in the 5 weeks. The double vision is really worrying me. My local optometrist is doing follow up because the surgery center is 3 hours away. I have talked to both about my double vision (Because it was never mentioned before surgery). Local doctor says he can fit me with reading glasses and I wonder why, at this point, if my vision will continue to perfect? The surgical center says I may have some astigmatism which can be "treated" and that my local doctor can tell me if it is astigmatism or slow healing. I guess I'm seeking a third opinion since my answers here are confusing. Don't understand why I should have astigmatism since PRK is suppose to correct astigmatism. ??? One more note. I am 60 years 'young' and wonder if that may cause healing to take longer. I have taken Omega 3, Vitamin C and a ton of other supplements for years. Thanks for any encouragement!
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