8 weeks post PRK

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8 weeks post PRK

Postby Mercy » Tue May 03, 2011 7:16 pm

I am two days shy of being 8 weeks post surgery (PRK). I went for doctor visit today and my eye tested a bit worse than it did just 10 days ago. If you have followed my posts, I had the eye infection (treated with Zymaxid) and had to go back on the Pred because the FML created reaction. I have been off of the Zymaxid for one week and the Pred was replaced by Lotemax, which is also steroid. Doctor said healing, pressure....is doing great and he believes the setback is due to switching meds. I would really like a second opinion to set my mind at ease that a setback at this stage is "okay" and that I will still move forward. Man....this takes a long time!
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