Follow Up Procedure - PRK This Time?

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Follow Up Procedure - PRK This Time?

Postby rman » Fri Jun 03, 2011 1:53 am

Had my Lasik done a few months ago. My vision was not great afterwards, and seems to have gotten worse since then in one eye in particular.

I am approaching the time for a return visit when I will be saying that I do need enhancement procedures again in each eye. I know it's hard to advise without my even being able to give any values or specs for either eye, but are there any general reasons I might want to consider PRK instead of Lasik for my enhancement procedures? I know it is a much longer recovery period, but does PRK offer any benefits as the follow up to a previous Lasik instead of a second Lasik?

Before my Lasik I was assured that I had sufficient corneal thickness that I would be able to have enhancement procedures done if necessary.

I apologize if this is a topic that has come up before, and thanks to anyone who can advise.
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Re: Follow Up Procedure - PRK This Time?

Postby susssan » Wed Aug 10, 2011 4:53 am

I had custom lasik in December and my vision ended up being -1.25 I was terribly disappointed. Then the Dr made me wait 6 months for an enhancement. Which was frustrating to say the least. I had to get glasses after going thru the surgery and paying all that, because I couldn't see to drive. My optometrist felt I was ready at 3 months and the lasik clinic Drs wouldn't consider the enhancement even though initially I was told 3 months. They told me it was their policy to wait 6.

then... when I went for my pre-op for enhancement I was told it had to be PRK. I have monovision so it was for one eye. They had no good reason for this just that it was how they do it.
So, being stuck with this clinic, I had PRK.

It took 6 weeks to heal with a week of terrible vision and then slow improvement. The eye is now about 20/20. At least the PRK was more successful than the custom wavefront. Finally my vision is really good.
Would I do it again. Absolutely. But not at the same place. I researched before going but apparently not enough because this Dr was not helpful and understanding. It was 'his way or the highway' so to speak.

so yes. prk worked out great but realize it takes a lot of time to heal. at first it's like having saran wrap over your eye (in vision clearness) and then it improves. At three weeks it was probably 20/30 or worse. at 5 weeks it was vastly improved.
I was told there could be 'significant pain' the day after the surgery but had no problem with it at all. probably because of good pain medication.

good luck. I hope your vision turns out perfect!
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