My LASEK experience

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My LASEK experience

Postby Sarah1234 » Wed Jun 22, 2011 8:27 am

Hello from across the pond! I have been following this website for a while now and it has been amazing! Without it I'm not sure I would have reached the stage to bite the bullet and go ahead with treatment! Great work Glenn! You probably have alot more people than you realise following you're website- I thought it was about time I said thanks! :)

It seemed my surgeon actually quite enjoyed the 'tough questions to ask your surgeon' - and gave me his clinical audit to flick through as I pleased while I was at my consultation- he is a corneal specialist consultant surgeon and only does refractive surgeries 1 day a week and consultations 1 day a week for the private clinic I went to (based in the hospital) - the rest of the week he works for the hospitals eye department so does everything else it seems.

I had LASEK treatment a week ago and although it's early days I just wanted to post my positive experience so far- there are so few positive posts compared to worries and complications post I just hope that those of you searching the net for LASEK experiences will find mine a refreshing change.

Left Eye pre op: - 7.25 -1.25 165
Right Eye pre op: -6.50 -1.75 7
Pupil widths 7.3 (L) 6.7 (R)
Corneal thickness 516 (L) 515 (R)
High order aberations 0.2 rms (but I still had wavefront anyway)
Treatment: LASEK wavefront with 10 seconds mitomycin C

Day of the op:
All went well - the speculum was for me the worst part- but it was all over before I knew it and I was on my way home with slightly milky vision but I could see! :)
2 hours post op: right eye started kicking up a fuss- gritty onion springs to mind- streaming puffy and uncomfortable. Left eye- No pain or discomfort whatsoever!- I kept my eyes closed the rest of the day.

Next day-Day 1
I woke up and my right eye was much better- still puffy from the streaming but only had the gritty feeling in it now- left eye- still felt nothing:). Vision was slightly blurry for distances for my left eye (I could only read read 20/50 on my printable snellen chart)- crisp and clear and short distances. My right eye read about 20/30.

Day 2
Woke up and Left eye 20/50-20/40 right eye 20/30. Dry eye had kicked in - up every 2 hours throught the night. urrgh.

Day 4
Went back to work today- had hourly breaks from the computer, reset its resolution and kept topped up on eye drops- got through the day with no problems :)

Day 5
Nothing changed vision or dry eye wise- had by bandage lenses removed and could feel them 'breathe' instantly- remaining grittyness disappeared instantly!- vision about the same.

Day 6
Dryness already improving- by the end of day 6 my left eye 20/30 comfortable and 20/20 after drops - right eye about the same but not as crisp as left eye

Day 7
Dryness still improving- only got up once during the night. Vision still the same.
At lunchtime today I did a quick vision test and I can see the 20/15 line with both eyes!! :D I have never been able to see this well! - I could only make out the 20/20 line with glasses - and even then it was blurry.
I noticed slight star bursts around street lamps tonight- but I'm sure they don't seem anything different now to how I 'used' to see them- I think now I am aware of 'starbursts' I am looking for them- so I've probably had these mini star bursts all my life and never realised.. I also lit a candle and turned the lights off to see what I could see- not sure if this would help identify and night vision problems but thought I'd try it anyway- looked normal to me (no star bursts!)- confusing- maybe it's the type of illumination that contributes to starbursts....hmmm

Day 8
Woke up to the worst dry eye yet! I've gone from getting up every 2 hours to every 4 hours with gel eye drops - I tried to just sleep through last night and not get up at all- BIG mistake. When I put my eye drops in this morning they stung for 15 min while they rehydrated! ouch- all better now though- still 20/15 :D I finished my antibiotics drops and preservative free antiflam drops yesterday (I was taking them 3 times a day), and move on to my other antiflam drops today (3x a day) for the next 4 weeks (I think these have preservatives in).

Since late mrning I felt like my eyes were going to explode- had to leave work early and go home to bed. I had painkillers that I was given for after treatment but I never needed them at the time- so I had these and spent the rest of the day in bed.

Day 9
Everything back to normal now- no risk of eye exploding - maybe yesterday my eyes were getting used the change to weaker steroids?!?!Glad it's over anyway- worst experience yet. Tested night vision tonight- I get little star bursts from street lamps - but only if they are in the distance- if they are close up there are no star bursts, but a small halo. Car lights have mini star bursts- but only if they are maybe 100m away...anything closer than that they also have small halos- nothing that would prevent me driing at all though..As for traffic lights- no halo or starbursts... Not sure why

Day 10
Tired of this dry eye and getting up throughout the night. Daytime dry eye has been getting better but night time dry eye seems to be getting worse if anything! Getting up 3 or 4 times night nearly ever day since treatment is exhausting- almost to the point I'm thinking was it worth it!?!...Well... vision is amazing so it is, I'm just tired and fed up and want the dry eye to improve. Off to buy some flaxseed oil i've heard about and will speak to my optom on tuesday about the tear plug things. I think I might sleep with my eyes a little open..not sure how else they can get so dry. :/

Day 12
Finally a reasonable nights sleep. :D I glued my eyelashes together with the gel viscotears....and voila!..Eyes stayed shut and only woke up once in the night to 'top up' the eye drops. This morning I woke up - although dry- nothing like the dry eye I have been having. I kept a cotton bud and cooled boiled water by the bed so when I woke up I just soaked my eye for 10 seconds and become unglued.
My vision keeps going blurry so I can't read what's 2 foot infront of me- for a second I second I panc then just 'refocus' my eyes and all seems ok again. It's been doing this every 20 min or so since I woke up.

Day 13
Eyes keep going blurry today (more often than yesterday-every 10 min) Putting drops in more freqently to get the good vision back :/... I hope it's just down to the hot dry weather. First official eye test later so will see what my prescription is...

Prescription after 2 weeks:
L: 0 0
R: 0 0

:D woohoo!

My eyes have been slightly hazy since yesterday and optom said it's prob about 50% dry eye and 50% haze from the laser causing it. He said it's a very small amount of haze and suprised that it's even noticable to me - but together with dry eye it might be the case. IHe said the haze will clear by the 6 month mark.

Happy happy! They said things are so far going better than even they expected recovery time wise and prescription - (Although others have had the same experience - I'm in the minority apparently-) I just hope I don't regress!! :/

I know coming from a high prescription I have to be prepared for regression :/ - apparently only 5% of people regress.. I 'thought' I was being realistic by not expecting 20/20 and I was happy- but so far the treatment has exceeded my expectations and I can see better than ever and it was the best decision I have ever made- easily the best £3000 I have ever spent!

So if you keep coming across problem experiences that shake up your nerves a little - I hope my experience helps put your mind at rest! :)


I'm not planning to update every 5 min from now on - just when something changes (for my own record too)

Over the last 3 days I seem to have gradually lost the crispness I had at the begining of the week - I know it's early days but it's just such a tease. If I focus I can still just make out the 20/20 line - so still excellent and I'm still happy- but it doesn't come as easily as before- I have to stare for 10 seconds before it comes into focus.. maybe this is because of the milkyness effect I'm having.Hopefully just a bit of healing haze. Next check up is August 10th

Just want to add right eye has slowly got worse during week 3. now it seems to change between about 20/30 (at a push) and 20/40 (or even worse) at every blink - it's all over the place. it definately can't see the 20/20 line anymore never mind the 20/15 (which it could before)! It also feels gritty- like when I had the bandage lenses in (but not as bad). Hopefully it's just the healing... :/

Week 4
Haziness has still continued to get worse I went for an unplanned check up with the surgeon yesterday because I'm away for a few weeks, so for my peace of mind really and the 'haze' I have is not 'haze' if that makes sense - he said its due to the stroma and epithelium reattatching itself- so I think this is a good thing - I just was a little worried because I was expecting the haze in a month or so and wasn't expecting this this much cloudy vision from healing. Everything that I look at is black appears a washed out grey -( eyes seem to have stayed the sme since last week L(20/40 only just) R(20/30). Still healing though so its a waitng game.Maybe I'm an easy patient because if things stay like this - although not perfect I can live with it and will be happy - A world of difference from before :). I was determined to get LASEK even before my consultation, and I know that whatever the outcome I don't want enhancement - knowing what I want and having realistic expectations for my decisions has made this process alot less stressful than I thought it would be.
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My LASEK experience week 5 - 8

Postby Sarah1234 » Mon Jul 18, 2011 11:39 am

Week 5

Eyes are not as good as they were 2 weeks ago (I would do anything for my glasses back sometimes) - when I squint it's a little better.

In the morning I can focus up to a meter or 2- beyond that it gets progressively blurrier with distance. By evening I can focus up to a meter or often less and everything is milky. usually not being able to see even the top letter on the snellen eye test chart (I can at best make out the 20/40 in the morning but ususally it's not the case)

I drove to work a week and a half ago and have had to leave my car there since because there is no way I'm safe to drive.

I went to see harry potter yesterday - I was quite close to the screen but struggled to make out faces and definately couldn't make out writing.

Sigh - I hope this isn't a slippery slope of regression- the first two weeks were amazing.

Patience, patience, patience...

Week 7

Back to where I started at day 3 - but without the dry eye! :) I occasionally use eye drops and still use lacrilube at night- but it's more of a habit/ precaution than requirement.

Not perfect as I was week 1-2 but meet driving standard and I'm over the moon.

It's so true when they say vision improves, then gets worse before it gets better!

My cycle:
Week 1: 20/30
Week 2: 20/15!!
Week4-6: only just could read the TOP letter on the eye chart (this was the hardest and most frustrating 2 weeks - everything was a blur AND hazy!..but just as quickly as it went from perfect to blur (2-3 days), after just under 2 weeks it went from blur to almost perfect in 2-3 days
Week 8: 20/30

Week 8

Just back from my official 2 month check up. Both eyes are -0.75 with no astigmatism (it was at 0 in the first couple of weeks) . Eyes still a little dry (I use gel at night but thats about it).

correctable to what I was in the first few weeks- reading the 20/15 line clearly!

My next check up is in november to see if they change any further and to discuss retreatment if necessary.. Although I dont think I would opt for re treatment.

All in all I think it's definately a positive outcome!
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