Looking for advice...

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Looking for advice...

Postby jimbo1 » Tue Jul 26, 2011 9:13 am

I had IntraLasik Wavefront a little over six weeks ago. I've had two check ups since then, at the one week and one month mark, and they didn't find any serious problems, they said my vision was close to 20/20 (I was about -8.5 in both eyes before, with astigmatism as well), but there was still some settling to do. I'm just looking to check a couple of things:

1: The haloes and starbursts; I know they're normal, but I'm wondering how long they generally take to go away? I can't see any real change in mine even after this long.

2: Should focus still be fluctuating after six weeks? I'm noticing over the last week or so that I'm having a bit of difficulty with things like faces at a distance, even just looking at TV if it's too far away (although I'm honestly not sure if this is a focus problem, or the glare/haloes "smudging" the image).

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