Just had IntraLase LASIK

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Just had IntraLase LASIK

Postby tcswenson » Tue Sep 20, 2011 12:18 am

Hello everyone, I have been reading through many of the topics in this forum and it has been very helpful and a little scary. There are so many stories of things going wrong.

I have a couple concerns and I am hoping I can get some answers from people who have had similar experiences. I had IntraLase LASIK done 9/15/2011 at 3pm. I have astigmatism in both eyes. My glasses and contacts could not provide me with the level of vision that I wanted. I went in for a consultation to a doctor recommended to me by my opthamologist. The doctor informed me that he could get about 90% of the astigmatism in my left eye and all of it out of my right eye. My right eye is my dominant eye. I was shown what my vision would be with the LASIK correction and it was much better than my glasses.

The surgery went well from what I was told by the doctor and staff. The following day I was in for a follow up and both flaps looked good, no wrinkles. I have followed the directions to the letter with regards to drops, protective shields, and being careful with my eyes so the flaps can heal. My vision is not great yet and this is where I am a little concerned. It is about where it was with my glasses possibly worse at times. During my follow up, I was able to see great after I they had me look through a correction on the machine/arm thing. I went in expecting to see great within 24 hours. After reading stories on here I realize that petience is a huge factor in recovery. I wish I had better information to put up on my correction before but this is my latest contact lens RX:

Right -2.50 -2.50 10 BC 8.7 diam 14.4
Left -1.25 -3.00 15 BC 8.7 diam 14.4

My question is this: Is it normal to have your vision slowly get better over a period of weeks? Is it likely to have my vision go from ok to great in a week? I have a follow up appointment on 9/23/2011. The doctor told me that there is a little bit of an astigmatism remaining in my right eye. Is it possible for it to simply go away over time? Thanks in advance for the help with these concerns!
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