Hyperopic Lasik - Dry Eyes

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Hyperopic Lasik - Dry Eyes

Postby lex » Tue Apr 10, 2012 9:33 pm

I had Hyperopic lasik 11 weeks ago, and treated a Blepharitis (starting of) for 20 days, but no sign of red, bump, crust or anything on the eyelids, just was visible to the doctor.
I was putting in artificial tears (preservative) every hour or some times every 20 min to get some relief, this seems to improve after day 20, when finished the medication.
In fact i have never felt normal eyes since surgery and it got worse after 15 to 20 days after surgery, it was always burning, sometimes in the evenings i got some relief, and i could feel the tears in my eyes, but they never stuck and never sting, well, some times on early days.

I dont know if Dry Eyes activated the Blepharitis, or Blepharitis induced Dry Eyes? Can artificial tears with preserv induce more Dry Eyes?
I use Fresh tears with preserv, but docs say the preservative evaporates when instilled.

Is it possible that a dehydrated cornea after surgery would get Dry Eyes worsening? Would this dehydrated corneas be visible from the Lamp?

Why Dry Eyes get worse when the eyes are closed during a snap or sleep night, even if the eyes are really closed?

I have read the article about Dry Eyes, but you know, we always want to get some info how is the people feeling and how long it last for them.

Any comments appreciated.
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Re: Hyperopic Lasik - Dry Eyes - UPDATE

Postby lex » Thu Apr 12, 2012 3:47 pm

The burning feeling has diminished, now i have sometimes the gritty feeling, perhaps the burning was so intense that i masked it.
Putting in drops every hour or so, 11 weeks after.
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Re: Hyperopic Lasik - Dry Eyes - UPDATE II

Postby lex » Fri Apr 13, 2012 7:53 pm

Had an appt to a second doc and had a complete Eye Health Examination. Blepharitis is gone. Flap is healing.

He squeezed my upper eyelid and lower and the melbonian glads produced oil that should not, so i have meibomitis in some degree, that is why e feel the burning sensation and some kind of gritti feeling. Most of the time i feel this part has some inflammation and irritates me a lot, and i was thinking it was a problem with the flap.
I hope it wont last long. This excess of oil is more likely to be the cause of my blurry vision when a first blink, and then have to blink again to have a good vision.
I really need to believe in this!

I have read larger FLAPS induce more dry eyes!

Refrator machine:
L +1.00 -0.75 180
R +1.00 -0.75 175

plano for both, if i had any astig would it be less then 0.25, he tried 0.25, 0.50 and 0.75 with no improvement , tried -0.25, tried +0.25, +0.50 and +1.00 nothing got a better vision.Pressure is within normal range.
+1.75 for readings.

I told him i have a hard time focusing in dim or in the night and i thought it was due to astigmatism. He replied that there was nothing about astigmatism, and if i had -0.75 of astigmatism i would not see 20/20.
I asked why such a huge different refration? He told me the refrator was just a reference, and it does not work reliable with someone who had lasik.

The final notes was: "Just forget you had lasik and you will feel better"
I think i am just too paranoid. I wish i could get a good sleep, wake up in the morning without dry eyes, burning sensation or this inflammation.
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Re: Hyperopic Lasik - Dry Eyes - Update III

Postby lex » Mon Apr 16, 2012 4:29 pm

12 weeks so far.
I have been reading other forums in a hope to get some answers too.
Funny thing is that people that are 100% satisfied with lasik (or so they tell) are still reading forums from people who have issues, or they have dry eyes or they dont tell us everything.
Dry Eyes can be from many things as we know, and i suspect my MGD is secreting many oil due to some inflammation and might be the cause of this different rx i am experiencing.

The burning feeling has gone, most of the time. I feel the eyelids has a bit of inflammation and i hope this is temporary.
Things are getting better, unfortunately the regression has been on the RE more noticeable than the LE. Weird thing is i got the same Rx from Cycoplegic and the refrator fro both eyes, even so i am sure RE is worse than LE.

Use of artificial tears reduced (6x a day) to check if inflammation is due to many drops in he eyes.
One drop before bed and one in the morning.
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