4 Weeks post custom lasik surgery - still blurry

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4 Weeks post custom lasik surgery - still blurry

Postby Trent27 » Thu Jun 13, 2013 3:22 pm

I'm not sure of my numbers, but my doctor said I was a little farsighted, but most of my problem was I had a pretty bad astigmatism. I had the surgery done 4 weeks ago and my vision is horrible. My vision before was 20/80, but now is 20/30 per the doctor. For whatever reason I am able to read a lot of the letters/numbers on the wall in the controlled dark room at the eye doctor. My everyday vision is really blurry and horrible. I can actually see pretty good at night and read the road signs, but in the daylight my vision is very blurry. My up close vision is even blurry and I now have a headache almost everyday after work as I work on a computer all day. In the daylight while driving the road signs ahead almost hurt my eyes to try and read as they are almost double vision. Im not really sure how to explain all of this, but I'm really concerned that something is wrong and this isn't just part of the long healing process. The doctor said my flaps healed up nicely and everything looks great and I should be fine with more time. He won't even consider doing an enhancement until it has been at least 4 months. I use the systane gel eye drops around 6-7 times a day to keep my eyes moist even though I don't notice my eyes being dry. Does anyone out there have any answers to all my questions? I noticed from other post that a lot of people of problems seeing at night, but I am just the opposite. I can see at night pretty good, but in the daylight is horrible. I also noticed that I now have a very small red spot on my right cornea that I can see when looking in the mirror.
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