right icl - done 6 days ago - almost super!!!

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right icl - done 6 days ago - almost super!!!

Postby ness27 » Sat Dec 09, 2006 12:10 pm

Hello again,
I have now had my right ICL implanted last monday. The healing was pretty much the same, i could see that night although it was scratchy and irritable and didn't want to be opened too long. The next morning - no worries! My left eye is absolutely perfect now YAY! Vision is super sharp! My right eye however, a little less sharp but still wonderful. I had my post op on Tuesday and the optometrist said there may be a little remaining astigmatism in the right but couldn't be sure until all the swelling goes down, however on the bright side, the vision does seem to very slowly becoming a little sharper. I mean i can read what I am typing now! Where as before I couldn't even see the big A on the reading chart!!!!! I have not noticed any changes regarding halo's etc, only tonight I looked at the moon and it had a massive balloon shape hanging off the right hand side of it I thought that a little wierd as street lights etc are no different than before. Anyway, I have my next post op this tuesday to recheck vision in the right eye hopefully it'll be a little better - but the great news is even the day after the op last week, at my post op, I could read the 4th bottom line no worries with both eyes and some letters on 3rd bottom line but with both eyes i could read 4th bottom line which he said means I have 20/20 vision!!!!! HIP HIP HOORAY! I still don't feel my vision is as crisp as it was with my glasses probably 98% but i am extremely happy. Thought i would write and let you know at this point my surgeon can put me down as one of his success stories. The only thing that really bothers me a little is the streaking i have from the iridotomy - it is almost non existant in my left eye but quite strong in my right mainly at night when watching tv or computer work and sometimes when driving during the day but a pair of sunnies seems to calm it down. I think because my right eye is so dominant its a bit more prominant, its kind of like having a lit up piece of hair across your eye you can't get rid of. Thank you for your advice in my pre - op phase it was much appreciated and i will post again after my next post op with my current script for comparison. Thanks again!
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Postby LasikExpert » Sat Dec 09, 2006 11:56 pm

Thank you for letting us know how your ICL surgery went. I'm glad to hear you have such success!
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