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Re: Can you br refracted to sharper vision?

Postby LasikExpert » Mon Sep 17, 2007 3:58 pm

Mack wrote:...I still do not see the 20/15 line as clear and sharp as I did pre-lasik...

Even if corrected vision before surgery is better than 20/20, it is unreasonable to expect better than 20/20 "normal" vision after Lasik. It can happen, but is an unreasonable expectation.

I'm glad to see that both of you are happy with your hyperopic correction.
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Hyperopic LASIK Results

Postby gkrogers » Wed Oct 10, 2007 9:12 pm

Thanks for the comments. It has been 5 months now. Things are still going pretty good. No real changes since my last posting. I still reach for my glasses half the time in the morning.:>) I’m still having minimal dry eye problems where I still need eye drops (Systaine) 2 or 3 times a day. I also have eye fatigue a few times a week. I fluctuate a little but more when I don’t get a good night sleep. I think I do have a very slight amount of astigmatism (mostly in the right eye). I notice it when I’m looking at things in the distance. My low light sight is not quite as good as my day light sight. It takes a little longer for my eyes to focus when going from light to darker or shady areas. I think I lost some contrast acuity. Dark objects in the dark are harder to distinguish than before LASIK with my glasses. But after a few seconds of focusing I do see them. Before LASIK I would not see them with out my glasses unless it was a foot away. I’m not sure what my actual BUCVA is at this point. The Snellen chart does not account for or measure the minor amount of astigmatism that I think is present. Also I have not had an actual refraction since my LASIK. Pre-LASIK I was 20/20 both eyes with my glasses. I am not considering any enhancement at this point. I will revisit that idea at the end of my first year post-LASIK. I want my regression to be close to finished. If I stay as I am now, I’m perfectly satisfied.
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Postby Mack » Thu Oct 11, 2007 8:57 am

Your recovery and minor effects of eye fatigue and only minor astig in one eye sound very good coming from +5 Galen. Dont worry about the need for any enhancement unless your residual refractive error can be reliably measured greater than about 0.75 diopter. Most docs will not do enhancements for minor errors less than that. You should be getting refractions at each followup exam however so they can quantify your results. My doc had the optometrist do that first at every visit. It's probable you may get better VA with minor correction that would be helpful at night and in low light situations. I have the same problem you do in low light. Good luck.
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Postby croanster » Thu Oct 11, 2007 10:39 am

Three of us with hyperopic corection and 3 of us with the same low light issues. On the ride home from work I go through a section of road that is 'cut' into the side of a hill with several trees. On a nice sunny afternoon I sit on the bike thinking "this is the best i can see perfectly" and then i get into the shady areas and my vision deteriorates to something close to ordinary. Oh well we can't have it all i guess ;) Seems to get better again when its fully dark which I find odd.

Funny you mention having a refraction at each checkup - I was thinking just the other day what a waste of time it was ONLY due to the large difference in my cycloplegic refraction at my last checkup - close enough to 1.5 diopters different in my left eye! I think it's important for ex hyperopes to get regular cytcloplegic refractions during recovery to accurately determine regression / healing etc especially if an enhancment is being considered.

The fuzziness I have had trouble with from the start in my left eye is still there and it is too much for me to live with. Looking forward to finding out what the real problem is with it and keen to fix it - don't really want to wait a year. I'm fairly patient, but not that much. Sounds like an easy fix to me. +0.75 with a -0.75 astigmatism. Should be just a 5 second burst to wipe the +0.75 part out... I hope... !!

Do you guys have any issues with starbursts? And if you look at a fixed point of light, say, some light colored writing on the computer screen with a dark background, one eye at a time, move your head around. Do the letters 'blur' as you get off centre? Does for me. Gets a bit of a shadow especialy in my right (was +4.75) eye.

Continued good luck to you guys!
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Post Hyperopic LASIK

Postby gkrogers » Wed Dec 05, 2007 8:25 pm

Well it has been about 7 months now. No real changes overall. I do think my distant vision has regressed slightly. Things are just not distinct at a distance. Things like peoples faces, road signs, etc. It could just be that the minimal astigmatism is a little worse or both. On average days, my mid vision is still great and I get by with +1.00 reading glasses for anything smaller than a 10 font. A lack of sleep or sinus problems tend to be the only real problem with my eyes. On days I don't get a decent nights sleep, I need the reading glasses for both mid and close vision. The eye fatigue is bad then and also when I have sinus problems (always had that even pre-LASIK). My left eye is still better close up and my right eye is better for distance. My dry eyes are about the same as before. They are not bad but still use drops a couple times a day. I am taking Omega 3 pills to help raise my good cholesteral and I think it has helped with my dryness a little.

I plan to go see my LASIK surgeon at about the 10 month mark, have him do a complete refraction on me and then see where I stand. I would like to decrease the distance fuziness but will wait to see what he thinks.

Overall I'm still satisfied and glad that I had LASIK.
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Re: Post Hyperopic LASIK

Postby lex » Tue Apr 10, 2012 10:43 pm

Hi gkrogers,
If you are still around and active, please would you comment my hyperopic lasik.
hope you are better and this post can reach you.
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