Constant Pain - both eyes

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Constant Pain - both eyes

Postby shell » Wed Jul 25, 2007 6:42 pm

My Lasik was done just under 3 months ago and I have experienced constant pain - not searing pain but more like inflammation - since that time. My doc put me on Pred-Forte for 4 weeks and this helped, but now I'm hesitant to continue with the steroids. He said 1 out of 1,000 patients experience unexplained persistent pain following surgery. Any advice from the experts or from others who have experienced this? Should I continue with the steroids and will this eventually help?
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Postby LasikExpert » Sat Jul 28, 2007 10:33 pm

The corticosteroids are an anti-inflammatory. Long-term use of steroids eye drops can raise intraocular pressure (IOP) that can cause damage to the optic nerve, but this is a slow process and your IOP can be monitored by your doctor to assure safety.

There are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) like Aleve and ibuprofen that may help, but would probably not be as helpful as your steroid eye drops.

Do not stop using the steroid eye drops without approval and instruction from your surgeon. Some steroids and dosages need to be tapered off over time.
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8 months later - still in pain

Postby shell » Thu Mar 27, 2008 1:57 am

Anyone else have any ideas here? By the end of each day, both eyes are really burning. Have tried many different lubricating drops, but only the steroids seem to work. My goal was not to use any more of these for safety reasons, but my resolve is waning after so many months of pain. What is going on??
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Postby boston » Wed Apr 02, 2008 5:01 am

You may have dry eyes. This is what some of my symptoms are from the dryness. They get painful, sore, and red. I hope its not and you are healing. How many months has it been? Do they say your eyes are dry?
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