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Enhancement Update...

Postby rosecmd » Tue Feb 19, 2008 11:33 pm

Well, thanks Judy. So far, I am 11 days out from my enhancement to correct my induced hyperopia of +1 in the left and +.75 in my right eye. My right eye feels great, no discomfort! Not that dry. I stopped using the Pred Fort & Zymar drops after 6 days in that eye. Immediately after surgery and for about 4 days I had excellent near and mid-range vision in my right eye. As my right eye heals, I notice that the near is worsening a bit as the distance clears up. The mid-range is great. I think this is what is supposed to happen as the distance comes back to 20/20 - which it should as my doc tells me I have no refractive error for distance in my eyes. There is no more farsightedness in that eye, as I can see things if I hold tehm at arm's length or move them further away from my eyes. I can still use the computer with no reading glasses.

My left eye is slower to heal and I just stopped the Pred Fort & Zymar yesterday and see my doc tomorrow. The left eye is still kind of scratchy & irritated. It drives me crazy! My near and mid-range vision in my left eye are good, although the near will fade a bit as the eye heals. My distance vision in my left eye is worse than my right. I'd just love for the scrathiness to go away.

I'm really loving being able to carefully wash my hair and face again. Of course I do not rub my eyes. I do let a little warm water run over them (closed) in the shower. The Genteal gel really helps the irritation somewhat. Having been on Restasis for six months I feel is helping me dry eye wise.

Judy, the flap lift and surgery part were easier this time. The flap lift is no big deal. As you know, the recovery and taking care of your eyes is the worst part. I am glad I did it. I love having much better, clearer near and mid-range vision. Except for waiting for my distance vision to improve, my near and mid-range vision are as good as they were with the 1.25 readers I was using indoors to "clear up" my induced hyperopia.

So, are you not doing an enhancment? It doesn't seem like it...
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Postby rosecmd » Wed Feb 20, 2008 5:44 pm

Had another check up with my surgeon today (she does her own follow-ups). Right eye looks great. Left eye looks good, she can still see some of the edges of the flap and said that the scratchy, irritated feeling I have in that eye is due to dryness. She also said I have the tendancy for cells to grow just beneath the flap at certain parts of the edge of that left flap. She wasn't too concerned, just asked me to be very vigilant with drops. I will return to see her in 3 weeks unless I have problems. She said 2-3 months for the post-surg dryness to resolve, as I know.

Distance vision continues to clear up. Near & mid-range great...1.0 reders still...(down from 2). No readers for computer.
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Postby Judy » Fri Feb 22, 2008 3:10 am

Still on the fence.....my stats are somewhat different than yours. I am in my late 50's so my presbyopia is my main problem....but an expected one. My near vision cleared out pretty good by 6 months and the dryness leaving my eyes. My far vision is not sharp as I would like it, so that is my one lingering concern. It is about 20/30 even though the surgeon says its between 20/25 and 20/30.....just because i could guess a couple letters on the 20/25 line.....ha ha....i dont consider that really seeing at that distance.

My main concern is if the tweaking of enhancement is going to improve things or is worth taking the risk. I would like to see distance better, but I am seeing mid range really good now and far range adequate. My near has even improved somewhat and I get by with readers in the 1.50 to 2.0 range depending on how much light is available.

My big worry of being in stores and not being able to see has cleared a lot. Still nogt perfect but much better. Eyes rarely need drops now and my eyes finally feel comfortable in my head not like foreign objects poking out from my skull. I still have to see a regular eye doc to get his oinion on my far vision and near vision.....and then back to the surgeon to see if she is satisfied with where I am.

I am glad my eyes are no longer the major focus of my day and I am slowly learning to to handle the sudden presbyopia. I notice most of my friends my age are as blind as i am close up and we share glasses often......I am acquiring a large collection of cute readers.....the ones I by at Steinmart are cute and better quality than the drug store.

Good luck Rose on the healing. Glad to hear your mid and far are doing so well and I know the healing will be easier knowing you can finally see well. It must be great to see 20/20...... :) in happiness at your success.....J
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Postby rosecmd » Fri Feb 22, 2008 4:14 pm

Hi Judy...thanks for your note. It doesn't sound like you need or will gain anything from an enhancement. I was definitely farsighted after 6 months and basically from day one post original lasik. Dont' do it if you are happy with how you are. I'm 48, and felt like I had the eyes of a 75 year old! Being a diopter on the + side was awful for me.

In addition, maybe you'll have even more improvement as the months go by. I was very concerned about losing ground with an enhancement as my eyes, at 7 months, felt very good with all the eye strain & dryness gone and very comfortable with my eyes. It was just that blurry mid and near vision that bugged me. You know, when I was in a small room or in the store, everything within 10 feet was blurry. I felt my distance at 20/25 & 20/30 was just fine. Don't you hate it when they prod you to read/guess the letters and they are blurry as all get out and you know what they are anyway and you are then pronounced 20/20? Functional vision and crispness and clarity and eye comfort were my guides to how I was doing.

I definitely see better overall after the enhancement. One eye is doing fantastic, and the other will take more time to heal. As we both know, patience is truly a virtue post lasik.

Good luck to you too! Rose
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Postby Walt » Mon Apr 14, 2008 8:32 am

Rose, it's two months since your enhancement, how are you doing?

I had an enhancement done 2 days ago on Friday 11 April, exactly 16 weeks after the initial procedure (21 Dec 07). I had been overcorrected to +1 and +1.25, but for the first few hours after I was up I needed +1.75 to see the computer clear.

The flap lift was nothing like having it cut the first time. This time as I left the doctor's office I could see the improvement. I did have the scratchy eye feeling after the procedure. I took a 4 hour nap, when I woke the scratchy eye was diminished almost entirely.

At my one day check up with my doctor I was able to see 20/20 with my left eye and 20/25 with the right eye. This was my best corrected visual acuity prior to the surgery, so I'm pleased.

Now when I wake up my far, mid, and near vision are great. I do get slightly more near sighted as the day progresses. I would guess about a -.25 to -.50 move, which just improves my near (computer viewing) vision, maintains my mid range (TV viewing) vision and prevents me seeing the clock on the microwave 25 feet away.

I know I have some healing to do, but it seems great at this time. I also don't have the night time dry eye I had the first time.

My next checkup is on the 23rd of this month.
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Postby rosecmd » Fri Apr 25, 2008 6:30 pm

Hi Walt...sorry it took me so long to reply, it's been busy at work. I'm now about 14 weeks out and am still healing. My distance vision is still not as sharp as I'd like but I notice almost imperceptible improvement each week. The dryness is slowly resolving. My mid range vision is great, my near better but I still need 1.5 readers. I think I'm settling in there. I expect continual improvement over the next 3 or more months. I'll love when I can stop using the gel at night. Except for the distance vision, my functional "indoor" vision is much better than before the enhancement. My night vision is fine. I still have minor starbursts.

How are you doing?
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