My 11 Month check up. Enhancement ?

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My 11 Month check up. Enhancement ?

Postby FLOPGUY » Sat Oct 13, 2007 10:10 pm

I went to see my surgeon yesterday for my 11 month.

Near sighted, Astigmatism, Customvue Lasik (microkaratome). age 43
Post op surgeon said my flaps are perfect.
My vision was poor at distance, ghosting in left eye, dry eyes, my vision improved as time went on, but not great. My vision up close and at night was pretty good. My doctor and even Glenn (usaeyes) thought that my problems seemed like a dry eye issue. At my 8 month I asked the Dr. about restassis and he thought it was a good idea.

I have been on the restassis for 3 months now and It is finally at the point where my eyes seem to be moist. I must say that it takes about 3 months of use to see good results from restassis. I just went thru a dizzy period last week. I am always excited when I go thru a dizzy period. That signifys to me that my vision is changing. Now this week I can see a lot better than last week (distance wise). Yesterday my surgeon said after examining me, that my eyes look really good. He said lets wait another 6 months and make a determination about enhancement. He still feels that I won't need one.

I feel the same way, because now I can see improvement, since the restassis is taking better effect. Driving on the road today I could notice detail at a distance much better that even 2 weeks ago. I feel I am still improving and probably won't need to anything. For the first time in 11 months I am beginning to get excited. I wont get over enthused thou.

Bottom line:
Sometimes you have to just wait and not rush for an enhancement. I am glad that I did not panick. Glenn and others in here are a good reference and helped me out a lot.
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Postby LasikExpert » Sun Oct 14, 2007 5:45 pm

Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you waited and apparently will not need additional surgery.
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Postby noodles » Mon Oct 15, 2007 7:44 pm

Hi Flopguy,
Thanks so much for your post! And, congrats on your continued improvement. I am 41 and 7 months out and just started Restasis 3 weeks ago. Your story sounds identical to mine and it is so encouraging to hear you are still seeing improvement -- in particular in the ghosting area. My doctor has also recommended a wait and see approach and not enhancement at this time. Your experiences -- even the "dizzy" periods are like my own. Tell me, has your ghosting resolved completely yet? Did you have any reduced vision in low light situations and if so, how is that?

Did your doctor provide any insights on why its taken so long to get to your end result v. the 6 month healing process?

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Dizzy period ??? Gotcha!!

Postby Mr.UnPerfect » Tue Oct 16, 2007 3:59 am

Bob here. 55M 7m post lasik....Allegretto/blade......blended vision
In my distance eye I too go thru sometype of DIZZY period it seems like.
I would decribe it as 1 step backward and then 1 an 1/2 step forward in the vision. but technically more like 1 and 1/16 forward. Not a big leap but a small notch improvement. I have a +1.00 lens for my undercorrected eye (mono/near vision eye) that I use for night driving. I measure (test) my distant eye against my undercorrected eye/with +1.00 lens and it's almost matching up close together (both the same).

for mentioned LOW light....I was at first (early1-3 months) and up to 5 months having trouble in grocery stores with fluorescent lights, but this has improved a great deal. I can look down the isle and now read the overhead signs about 3/4 way down the isle. I still am having some difficulty in low light places. For example this weekend I attended a conference in a hotel. There was an overhead projector with screen and the lights in the conference room was dim as usually the case for presentations. I was way in back and could not see clear. I was bummed out because I knew this was not acceptable. If I put on my distant driving glasses the eye with the lens correction was better in the room than my distant eye. So I am not sure whats going on. Eyes do not seem dry. Maybe more time or touch up. I have not been to the doctor since month 3 and have been patiently wating before I go in and complain.My night time driving is not as I would like it also, if I wear my glasses at night for my mono vision eye it's great , but my good eye for distance is a notch off. Not sure if this will improve or not. Well that's all for now.. Bob
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