PVD and Floaters after LASIK treatment

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PRK Floaters

Postby ssmarsh8 » Fri Dec 07, 2007 3:46 am

I had custom PRK on 1/26/06 and have had frequent, persistent floaters since then. While recuperating from surgery I apparently experienced a PVD (had extreme flashing sensations, very scary), but upon calling my very well respected surgeon he called it an "ocular migraine caused by stress." When I later told him about the floaters, he expressed doubt that the surgery could induce this. It's quite upsetting, as my brain has had a year to "override" the little dots that float across my vision and has not done so yet. I can only pray, I guess, and am extremely angry to now read that I'm not the first to stumble onto this.

Also, my vision has digressed some-- I enjoyed super-duper vision from about March to April 2007 and then halos and ghosting started creeping back in. Not sure if I have dry eye-- you'd think that since I had perfect vision for a bit, that the surgical correction was perfect, and that these other symptoms developed in conjunction with other side effects/symptoms.
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Postby floatanddry » Fri Dec 07, 2007 3:45 pm


You can still see an opthomologist to find out if you had a PVD. They are visible with a dilated fundus exam. It may be worth it to find out, in case you have symptoms later in life with flashes/floaters.

I too am experiencing floaters post Lasik. I found this thread here very helpful and it gives hope that hopefully over time noticing of floaters diminshes.

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Postby ssmarsh8 » Fri Dec 07, 2007 6:10 pm

thanks for your thoughts--
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great string

Postby peliot » Thu Nov 20, 2008 6:15 pm

I fit right in. Here's my story:

I had never heard of floaters before LASIK, now I suffer greatly from them.

I went for a screening in August 08 to a fancy, well-known Beverly Hills LASIK guy. I was diagnosed with Laticce Degeneration / retinal holes, which 8% of people have. It basically means that you are higher risk for things like retinal tears / detachements.

Of course the LASIK people still let you do the surgery. They sent me to a retinal specialist who did a prophylactic laser treatment of the weak area of the retina called a PRP, then he said, "you're good to go."

No mention of floaters in the disclosure form, no warnings that I was a higher risk candidate for potential retinal problems, nothing...

I noticed the floaters as soon as my vision cleared up, about three weeks after Epi-LASIK. I went in and found that I'd had new retinal holes / tears.

Of course the doctors take no responsibility for any of this and tried to tell me that the LASIK had nothing to do with the retinal issues or floaters.

Looking back, I had noticed a floater or two in the past in my life, but only in the morning against a white ceiling for a about two minutes. This happened maybe two or three times in my entire life. They never bothered me.

I now see four floaters all day, on the computer screen, around my house, outside, etc. They are an absolute curse.

I am certain that having Epi-LASIK does something that can create floaters (stirs them up, sharper vision allows you to see them more clearly, corneal change causes bigger shadows, actual creation of new material in the vitreous, etc.) The main point is that it is totally irrelevant what exactly happens during the surgery that creates the problem. The point is that I have now heard from a lot of people who had never been bothered by floaters, then have LASIK, then are bothered.

I finally got one tech at the doc's office to admit that this happens all the time.

I am so angry about this. Not only should the floater / retinal issues be part of disclosure forms, but also part of pre-screening. I am certain that the docs can indentify candidates who are more pre-disposed to having these issues, but at $2-$5k a pop they choose not to.
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