Dry eyes...95% cured!!!

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Dry eyes...95% cured!!!

Postby Saleh Ridha » Fri Nov 16, 2007 10:01 pm

:D Hi everybody! I had my Lasik done on August 8th this year and my dry eyes are almost completely cured-praise be to God. Only once in a purple moon do I get an itchy feeling in my eye. I used to run through a vile of "Tears Naturalle Free" every few hours. Now I hardly ever use them.
As for my Lasik flap...it has withstood the test of my ten month old baby girl poking my eye balls every now and then-OUCH!!!
The only thing I miss is my being able to read very fine print up close. (I need to move the writing about a foot away from my eyes to be able to read it.) A slight inconvenience.
Other than that...Fantastic...God be praised.
Now for the BIG QUESTION...Will I recommend Lasik to others?
Well...the Lasik doctor here said that because of the hot and dry desert environment I am currently living in (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia), I need to wait one year from the surgery date for the dry eyes to cure completely. So I'll write to you August 8th 2008, God willing. AND THEN...you'll see whether Mr. Saleh Ridha recommends Lasik!!!
Take care every one. And thanks Glenn for that first letter you wrote me to not worry about having Ectasia. God guide and bless you.
Saleh Ridha
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Help-I have Dry Eyes Bad!!

Postby lyndas9254 » Wed Dec 31, 2008 11:17 pm

I saw your post on fixing the dry eyes but don't see how you managed that. Please let me know what you did to combat it. I had the regular Lasiks done back in March and they are itchy, get red, get so very dry and I live in Minnesota with all seasons. I have the prescription Restasis but I have determined I seem to be allergic to that because it made my eyes worse so I stopped that. I have always and continue to use the Refresh non preservative eye drops many many times a day every day and in night too. I never had dry eyes before the surgury but they are very dry and hard to deal with now!! Please help....what did you do to help? I would greatly appreciate it and if anyone else knows let me know - I would be so greatful.

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Dry Eyes

Postby lyndas9254 » Wed Dec 31, 2008 11:22 pm

Hey everyone, I forgot to ask about Drs. If I cannot find a fix which doctor do you go to. Do you go with a Dr under your medical coverage (are they versed in Lasiks and dry eyes, etc) or do you go back to the doctor where you had the Lasiks done and pay for your visits since there is no medical coverage that way?

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Postby boston » Fri Jan 09, 2009 11:17 am

I had dry eyes after Lasik for over a year, and they ARE finally getting better I must say. Last winter around this time I was in really bad shape! I had it done in July 07, and even last summer, 1 year later, it was still bad. It made me very depressed for a good 3-4 months too.

In Fall I went away for two weeks on a retreat, and left my normal life for a while. All I did was chill, rest, sleep, and attend meetings, while living out of a suitcase, and having a structured schedule and all... Anyway, my point being, I started being really diligent in treating my eyes, and I think what did it for me was treating my eyes for about 3-4 minutes every nite with gel and making sure they were very well coated, and then always ALWAYS wearing the goggles afterwards all night (Tranquil Eyes night goggles) every single night without fail.
After a few weeks of this my eyes started feeling better during the day. But it tok a few weeks. Thats when I learned about 'maintenance'. I also got past the fear of using drops all day, and just started drenching my eyes in drops all the time.
Also, I use oil on my face all on and around my eyes all the time which I also think helps tremendously so skin and face and eye skin does not dry out. Stays well hydrated now.
Anyway, I would have to say that I am almost good now. They still get a little dry and I have to use drops once in a while, but nothing like last year.

So anyway, my point being, hang in there. It can take over a year to get better, I am living proof. Also, if you learn the concept of 'maintenance'. It goes a really long way in this situation. Its all about maintenance for me. If I neglect my eyes for a few days, and do not wear my night protection, and eat like shit, then I will be feeling it and they will be dry and uncomfortable.

You can get past this. Most people eventually get better. Try to breath, eat healthy, don't smoke, I use pure organic castor oil around my eyes, and massage them a bit when I apply, all this has helped, drink plenty of water, and cut back a little on the coffee, and of course the night protection;.. you can get better!

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