Eye Exam

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Eye Exam

Postby Betty39 » Thu Nov 29, 2007 6:32 am

I had to have an eye exam for a new job I'm taking and my left eye was 20/15 and my right eye 20/13. The problem is my right eye, the non-dominant one, was supposed to be undercorrected to acheive mini-monovision. That was the eye with more astigmatism and I think the doctor while correcting it accidently corrected me to plano. Well, obviously he did. I am 40 and can still read the smallest of print but the mini monovision was supposed to put off the need for reading glasses for several more years. I am happy to have the distance vision but wondering why I wasn't undercorrected as he told me I'd be. He told me to expect to see 20/25 in the right eye. I think 20/13 is pretty off from that. What do you think happened Glenn?
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