Double Vision/Ghosting

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Double Vision/Ghosting

Postby noodles » Sat Dec 01, 2007 7:23 pm

If you are at about 9 months out from surgery and on restasis for about 2 months and still have double vision/ghosting, is it safe to assume it won't go away. I'm am trying to determine if I should risk an enhancement. my dominant right eye is -.50 with -.25 astigmatism post lasik. During the day vision is pretty good but degrades at night. I am not sure if that is due to dry eyes or the astigmatism, but the difference is pretty dramatic -- e.g. see double images on TV Guide channel and words/digital numbers, also). My left eye, non-dominant, is -.50 no astigmatism and this is the eye that during the day I see ghosting/double but at night it is less prominent. The double vision/ghosting only happens at distances beyond 10 feet.

Do you think an enhancement could correct my issues? Or, do you think giving it more time on restasis, etc. is necessary. Have you heard stories of double vision/ghosting going away after 9 months or is it a permanent condition?
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