One year followup - Lasik on 2-23-07

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One year followup - Lasik on 2-23-07

Postby brian1cj » Sat Feb 16, 2008 4:42 pm

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Now it is about one year later...

My results after one year are still 20/15 in both eyes. I am still using refresh plus. I don't really need it, it is more of a want than anything. But I really like the way it makes my eyes feel. If I don't have any on hand, no biggie, because I rarely find myself actually needing it. Once in a while I will feel some tiredness/dryness if I am dehydrated and just took a shower (like after the gym)... then the refresh plus feels really nice. Sometimes in smoky bars they can get a bit irritated but both of these things might fall under a non-lasik example as well.

My permanent (at least I feel they are) side effects are glare from high contrast environments and halos around lights. I have big pupils and although my doctor told me I wouldn't have the halos, I knew better. But it was a choice I made going into it and I'm okay with the consequence.

The halos at night are about as bad as my vision from my worst pair of contacts. If I squint, the halos diminish. The halos have never gotten better... they are about the same as two weeks after the surgery. Driving at night becomes tiresome after an hour or two. But can I live with it? Absolutely.

I have no regrets. Considering the amount of risk I took (my vision was horrible, check previous posts!) I came out perfect. My doctor is statistically the most experienced in Michigan (not affiliated with this website). He is honest and was confident he could do it, but on a scale of 1-10, I was an 8 based on difficulty. My surgery was also more expensive than the average price and he would not let me have the discounts he offered to others. He said he had to put a few hours into a custom program instead of letting the computer map it out.

Anyway, here I am one year later, and all is well. It has been an amazing glasses/contacts free year!
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scheduled for next Wed

Postby Lorettap » Fri Apr 25, 2008 2:33 pm

Hi Brian. I am scheduled for next Wed to have Lasik and have been a little nervous after seeing on TV the past couple of days news that the FDA is investigation Lasik vision correction. I came to this forum and have been reading your posts, which are great, by the way. My vision right now is poor, in the -4.00 range, both eyes. But I can see well with contacts and glasses.

Overall, you seem happy that you had it done. You seem to have had no problems with the flap. When you say halos, what do you mean? Even with glasses, I see some haloes around lights at night. I don't think I've ever seen a light at night without something around it!
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