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Postby boston » Sun Jun 01, 2008 2:59 am

Sorry to keep posting this, but this is a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT I feel everyone should know, and it makes a lot of sense too. I am surprised more doctors and patients are not so addament (sp?)about this one detail to recovery treatment.
I have seen my eye doctor (at the most popular Lasik center in Boston) and they say, IF YOU ARE HAVING ANY ISSUES WITH DRY EYE, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO USE GEL/OINTMENT (E.G. GENTEAL GEL) EVERY SINGLE NIGHT WITHOUT FAIL. QUITE OFTEN THIS RESOLVES THE PROBLEM OVER TIME. The eye needs to be well lubricated and moisturized in order to heal properly, for best healing results.
Again, use gel every night, even if you seem to not need it entirely. I myself have just ordered the tranquil eyes nightime goggles for sleeping in, from The Dry Eye Shop in order to do this treatment, although Im sure a cheap $2 sleep mask would also help some, but this will help keep my eyes even further lubricated and healthy. She said do this for a month and lets check them again.
Good luck.
And wish me luck as well. I am 10 months post op, and still having a little dryness which can sometimes be bothersome as well.

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