7 months update - still excited

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7 months update - still excited

Postby kschueleraugsburg » Fri Mar 14, 2008 7:11 pm

Hello forum:

Wanted to give everyone an update relative to my personal experience 7 months after my procedure. I'll call it PRK, because that is what it says on the doctors bill; however, the procedure involved the alcohol-solution, therefore I believe it could be called something different.

The procedure took place on August 9, 2007. My experiences were documented in several posts in the "just had it" section of the forum.

This week, I went in for my 6 month follow up visit, which actually took place 7 months post-OP. When I went for the examination, I was pretty confident that things would be in good shape. I have not issues with my eyes, the only thing I notice is in extremely cold weather (Chicago!), when the air is extremely dry, I really need Refresh drops at night. Vision is crisp and clear, with the right eye just a tiny bit weaker than the left.

The exam confirmed this: I am 20/15 on each eye, and also with both eyes. I'm so excited about this, so happy!!! Also, I feel extremely confident that I did NOT go with Lasik. Not having to worry about a flap is huge for me. The eye doctor said, without a new cornea scan, nobody could ever tell that I had the procedure - it healed so well!

Close up vision is very good, too. Only difference compared to pre-OP is that I can't focus quite as close (probably 3 inches futher away than before).
I still wear sunglasses in bright sunlight, not because I really have to, but I feel it's good for the eyes. My advice, buy a very good pair of sunglasses soon after the OP, and toss the cheapo-glasses they give you at the laser center. I have a pair of Maui-Jim glasses, others may work as well.

My surgeon is not one of the "approved" from this website. It is a smaller practice, not a chain. I would highly recommend him, he was just a great guy to work with, built good confidence. They don't want any advertising here on the site, that's too bad. He is in the western suburbs of Chicago.

Thanks for running this forum, it's the most valuable ressource out there.

Best regards,
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Postby LasikExpert » Sun Mar 16, 2008 6:49 am


Congratulations on your satisfactory outcome.

There are only a few dozen surgeons throughout the US who have sought and maintain our certification. Uncertified does not necessarily mean a poor doctor; it only means they have not been directly evaluated by our organization.

We publish the 50 Tough Questions For Your Lasik Doctor to help potential patients evaluate potential surgeons who are not certified by our organization.
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