Options fort Treating Old PRK Complication

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Options fort Treating Old PRK Complication

Postby lady killer » Tue Mar 18, 2008 4:34 am

I had PRK on one eye back in the early 90’s. It did not work out for me so I skipped doing the second eye. Started at –4.00 both eyes. Now the virgin eye is –5.00, -1.50 and the PRK eye is -.25, -2.00.

I never had great corrected vision. Best case was usually to miss one or two characters on the 20/20 line. The PRK eye does get 20/20 in the office corrected but I have aberrations and the eyesight deteriorates over the course of the day halos at night, double vision after I have had the eye closed to make reading tolerable.

I have been to a few evaluations but have not been satisfied. I think I need PRK to fix the eye and it should be based on the topography of the eye instead of the wavefront. Then maybe a wavefront after the surface is made smoother if necisary.

When I had my surgery I had to stare at the laser. There was no tracking. They marked the center of my eye with a magic marker for the initial aiming. And the laser cut a coliseum like surface into the eye.

I have been googling every year waiting for the technology to be right for my case. I am impressed with the Ligi Ivis laser in Itialy but it does not look like it will be in the USA for years. I have a lot of friends that have gone to Canada for LASIK with great success. 20/15 for a dozen people using the Zyoptic.

I am interested in finding a Canadian surgeon to treat me with a laser that is as good as the Ivis appears to be. Hopefully with experience treating old complications such as mine.
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Postby LasikExpert » Tue Mar 18, 2008 4:01 pm

The distance from the abilities of laser vision correction surgery in 1990 and the abilities today could be measured in light-years. Even the most basic current laser system is a vast improvment on what was available to you in 1990.

The iVis does seem to be getting some good reports from patients with previous surgery, but it is difficult to say if this is what you need. If the surface of your cornea is irregular, Phototherapeutic Keratectomy may be an appropriate first step.

The deterioration of your vision throughout the day is not likely going to improve with laser correction. This is undoubtedly due to other issues that need to be identified, treated, or managed.

Our organization only certifies surgeons who practice in the US, however one of those surgeons practices in Vancouver BC. Where in Canada are you located?
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Postby lady killer » Wed Mar 19, 2008 5:41 am

Thank you for taking the time to respond. I live in upstate NY and am only a few hours from Montreal and Toronto. My friends have gone to Canada for LASIK with great success. Not just for the cheaper price but because the Doctors had newer lasers and more experience based on the number of surgeries they had performed. At the time Zyoptic was the laser that was not readily available around here but was in Canada.

I am also looking at Canada thinking that the lasers would be newer because of the quicker approvals they can get from their government. I sent a note to Ligi asking when they would be approved in the US and the answer was no time soon but Canada should be soon because Canada counts testing data from other countries when evaluating for approval.
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