what to ask your doctor prior to enhancement surgery

Post your questions and start your research in this forum if more than three months ago you had any type of surgery to reduce the need for glasses and contacts.

what to ask your doctor prior to enhancement surgery

Postby Mike_in_VT » Tue Apr 15, 2008 2:10 am

Hi all, I had CustomVue Lasik in January 08 and my three month checkup is coming up in one week.

I have documented my progress to date here: http://www.usaeyes.org/ask-lasik-expert ... php?t=1558 , but to make a long story short, since about 1 week post-Lasik my vision has been about the same ~ 20/30 range in both eyes. (sorry I don't have prescription numbers).

My results are not horrible, but certainly far from what I would like, and certainly if given a choice I'd rather have my good vision back and simply continue wearing glasses (as I had done for 30+ years).

So, as I prepare for my three month appointment, my guess is enhancement surgery will be the topic of the day. What kinds of questions should I be asking my doc?

It's probably worth adding that I don't see the surgeon, just my regular eye doctor, who is responsible for the follow-up visits.
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Questions about enhancements

Postby catnmus » Thu Apr 17, 2008 1:08 am

I would say that you will want to mention your need/desire for enhancement surgery, and you should insist on a consultation with the eye surgeon about it. My eye surgeon made it very clear to me that I could call or come by any time if I had questions or concerns.

Here are some questions off the top of my head.
1. Would he/she do/recommend the same type of procedure again (standard Lasik, epi-lasik, PRK, whatever), or would it be a different one, and why?
2. Given the small amount of correction, how experienced is he/she with that level of correction? How have their results been? Is overcorrection more likely because of the small "room for error", or is it less likely because of being more precise?
3. Would there be a cost for the enhancement procedure beyond what you've already paid?
4. When can it be done? (I know they want to wait until healing is complete and your vision has been unchanged for two readings a month apart - but if you have a "one year of free enhancements" pricing plan, you'll want to make sure they don't stall you unnecessarily).
5. Is there likely to be any further improvement, right now. Probably not, but, make sure he doesn't answer about POSSIBLE but rather LIKELY improvement. IF there Is a chance of improvement, is there anything you can be doing to try to speed that up? Vitamin C, more steroid drops, more lubricating drops, etc.
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