9 Year Update

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9 Year Update

Postby Joe B » Sun Apr 27, 2008 3:19 pm

This is my first post. I had LASIK in Feb 1999. I was severely nearsighted since the age of 7.

Initially I was not happy with the result mainly because I was only corrected to 20/30. The surgery was painful and I was blind for 4 hours after because of a lot swelling. I saw halos and starbursts as well. Then again, I think that I saw these when I wore contacts so who knows. I also was not psychologically ready for the treatment. I also got caught up in reading Ron Link’s psychotic posts.

Then, I had an enhancement in May 2000 and it was amazing. I was very happy with the results and the last 8 years have been a wonderful ride. I have accomplished so much during these years and the enhancement was part of the reason The top ophthalmologist in Chicago at Northwestern University performed both surgeries.

Recently, I am experiencing some interesting things and would like the expert’s opinion. My focusing seems to be fluctuating since January. I also feel like I have something in my eyes a lot of the time. I notice more glare especially white text on a dark back ground or soda cans. I also have noticed more halos and star bursting. I notice that at times my pupils feel dilated and other times they do not. When I read, it takes a few minutes to regain my long vision to focus correctly.

This has been causing me much anxiety.

I turned 44 in this month and I have my first eye appointment since 2000 on May 8.

Thanks in advance.
Joe B
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Postby BAM17 » Mon Apr 28, 2008 1:38 am

Hi Joe,
Thanks for the long-term update. It's helpful to all of us who just recently had it done. From different things I've researched...sounds like you may be experiencing changes in your eyes due to your age. Right around 45 or so, most people start having trouble focusing up close...and start to need reader glasses. Your other symptoms sound much like dry-eye problems. Age can attribute to that too. Have you tried using a preservative free drop when it feels like you have something in your eye? Also, dry eye can cause halos and starbursts. Try lubricating before driving at night and see if that helps. Anyway...you've done well if you've only had to see eye doctor in 8 years! I also recommend that you have a full eye exam with a board certified opthamologist. Ask for a comprehensive eye exam...since you haven't had one for many years. Good luck at your appointment. PLease let us all know how you make out.
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