Under flap growth - regression after steroid drops stopped

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Under flap growth - regression after steroid drops stopped

Postby Ol Blue Eyes » Mon May 05, 2008 11:35 pm

I had both eyes done in July 07 - at that time the doctor's assistant forgot to give me my prescription of steroid Drops and antibacterial drops (?). Anyways when I ran out of the tiny sample drops I called to say I ran out and could they get me the prescription I was supposed to get and they kept not returning my call and when they finally called they said "well it's probably too late to start drops again now so we wont fill out a prescription" My eyes immediately regressed. I emailed the doctor and let him know that my eyes immediately regressed and that I thought it was due to the sudden stop in steroid drops.

Later on I found out that it is actually dangerous to stop steroids abruptly accoding to the pharmacist - which is wierd because right on thier instruction sheet it said to take so many times a day for so many days and then stop...a friend of mine went to a different clinic and it said to wean off the drops 4 a day 3 a day etc. down to one and then quit.

[b]Anyways - because of the regression - I was supposed to get both eyes re-done - a second surgery. I got one done to not risk both eyes with this guy and I got haze and growth under the flap. [/b] (and you guessed it - they once again forgot to put a prescription for the drops in my package - I once again called to let them know and they once again refused to fill out a prescription and my eye regressed again the day I stopped the steroids drops) Now the doctor wont lift the flap and scrape off the growth and wash out the haze and my eyesight is terrible.

So my question for the Lasik Expert is:

[b]How many millimeters in does a growth have to be under the flap to demand a lifting of the flap.[/b] He would not tell me the details - he just says "it's ok" [b]I went to an optometrist under the guise of getting a prescription for working on the computer and he told me it is 2 mm in under the flap and that the haze is bad [/b]but would not consent to refer me to an opthamologist - he just suggested going back to my Lasik eye surgeon who has suddenly become unhelpful.

I don't say this without warrent - one of my plugs has fallen out and I have gone back twice to get it put back in - I suffer from extreme dry eye - at night my eyes glue shut to my lids and I have to walk to the bathroom blind to try and get drops under my eyelids and he has found an excuse to not put the plug in both times - one time he was "fresh out" and could not replace it until he ordered more - the next time he said that the plug would not help me at night anyways so he did not do it. The next time I went I asked him how my plugs were and he said "They're good" I said "That's funny because last time you told me that one had fallen out!" so with a huge sigh he reluctanly looked and said "yes one is out" so I caught him in a lie - he's just putting me off now that he has been paid.

Also - is there a governing body of Lasik Surgeons that someone can go to if thier surgeon who has accepted money for "Lifetime Enhancement and Support" refuses to put in plugs that have fallen out or scrape the growth out from under the flap? I have tried to be referred to an opthamologist for an objective opinion but no one will do it.

If the growth is 2 mm in - is it generally recommended for it to be taken out or is it better to not try and do it? Also - how can I get a referrral to someone to let me know if it has grown periodically because my doctor will not give me specifics and just keeps saying it's good but I don't believe him anymore.

Please let me know. Has anyone had the growth removed and then regretted it?
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Postby faithworks » Tue May 06, 2008 2:22 am

I recommend you visit another eye specialist who does LASIK. You can check the list on this forum. There are many qualified doctots, always willing to help. Please do it ASAP.
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