When to have enhancement?

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When to have enhancement?

Postby catnmus » Sat May 31, 2008 8:16 pm

I think I've come to the conclusion that I will need an enhancement on one eye.

I had Epi-Lasik on my left eye on Jan 8th, and on my right eye on March 4th. My left eye seems okay - it was 20/20 at 8 weeks, with a slight astigmatism, thought it then regressed a touch after about 13 weeks. My right eye was measured at about 20/40 at 8 weeks. It may also have an astigmatism. I don't think it has improved any since then (12 weeks). I've spent a week in a training course, and at the end of the day, I have headaches from having to squint to see the presentation. TV-watching is also difficult. Like I said, the right eye doesn't bother me much, and I'd already planned to get a good set of reading glasses and/or driving glasses, if necessary, to handle the astigmatism issues. But if I add on top of that glasses to handle distance viewing, well, it hardly seems worth it at all! So, I think I'm going to go for the enhancement on my right eye.

First question - does 20/40 seem reasonable for wanting an enhancement? I'm not sure what the prescription would be on that, and I don't have trouble driving or reading or working on the computer (much) but it's really not fun squinting to watch TV or read a presentation! In case it matters, my right eye is my dominant eye.

Also, because I had Epi-Lasik instead of flap-style Lasik, I'm assuming that I might be able to use a contact lens, if I don't have the enhancement.

The second question is, when to have the enhancement done. I'll be going to Machu Picchu in September, for 2 weeks at high altitude and then the Amazon basin (lucky me, I know!). When I consulted before my surgery and mentioned the possible need for enhancement, the doctor said, "Oh we'll just wait until after you get back", which seemed reasonable at the time. I have a one-year-of-free-enhancements agreement. I have heard on this board that most enhancements are done between 3 and 6 months. Next week it will be 3 months since my right eye was done. If I do it soon, it will have 3 months to heal and sharpen before I go to Peru, which would be kind of nice. If I wait until after, it will be done at about 7 months. But maybe that would be safer, just so that complications would not jeopardize my trip? But, what if the complications afterward require a third surgery, and that's after my one-year "guarantee"? Maybe the doctor is just trying to avoid having to give a freebie if I need a third? At that point the third surgery would be between 3 and 5 months.
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