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Postby lboogie » Sun Jun 08, 2008 6:18 am

Well, pretty much nothing has gone well with my lasik -- dry eyes, floaters, and starbursts. I am 6 months post-op.

I'm just praying one of them to let's overwhelming deailing with them all. After much testing my dry eye is not the main cause of my starbursts. Last week my follow up OD said 2 things. 1) you do have HOAs (but not bad) in regular low office light. and 2) your pupils are measuring larger now.

I take that to mean that my pupils were mis-measured. I can't see any reason why my pupils would spontaneously get bigger. I feel so let down.

When I put drops in the starbursts do not go away -- and I get them even in decent light. It just makes me sick to stomach to think that something went wrong somewhere in my testing or duirng the surgery.

What do I do? I see the surgeon in 3 weeks -- he is actually retiring, so I'm using this appt. as a final chance to hear some answers directly from him. What do I ask him so that I can know for sure what happened?

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