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Postby Ali » Sun Nov 09, 2008 8:02 am

Good and bad news,

Last week -3rd week post enhacement- , I notice substantial improvement in my vision which was got even better afterwards. I have discovered later that the improvement was in the left eye only, which when I close it I can't see anything clear with my right eye- very blury pictures and sever double/"tripple" vision.

I went to see my doctor and I was told that I have astigmatism in the right eye. (if I look thru pin hole the double vision will disappear and the picture is crystal clear- even better than the left eye)

My numbers before the enhancement were:
Left and right eye +1.75 with virtually very little or no astigmatism

my numbers after the enhamcement are as follows:

Right eye: -.25 (sph), -1.75 (cyl), 160 (axis), 62 (i.p.d)
Left eye: -.50 (sph),-.50 (cyl), 130 (axis)

The doctor told me to patch the good eye (left one) for 1 hour every day to stimulate the other eye. (will this do the trick?)

My question, is it possible for astigmatism to get corrected on its own during the healing process? almost a month now post enhancement.

If it did not get corrected on its own, what are the options for me (apart from glasses/contacts) i.e. is it possible to correct using Lasik or other surgery? and if so when it is safe to do so. for your information my cornea thickness after the enhancement is around 440.

I am really frustrated and very concerned now as i am not sure what is next and would be very greatfull to receive feedback from Glenn and or others who had similar experiances.
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Postby Ali » Thu Nov 20, 2008 11:03 am

Hi Glenn,

I wonder if you had a chance to look at my earlier posting. I would very much appreciate your advice on how to go about this significant astigmatism in my right eye following the enhancement. It is now 5 weeks since the enhancement but the -1.75 astigmatism still there. My right eye vision is very blury with double/triple vision (at distance). I was told to patch the "good" eye for an hour a day- so far no positive results.

Can this be corrected through another enhancement?

Many thanks in anticipation.
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