Symptoms 8 Months POST Lasik

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Symptoms 8 Months POST Lasik

Postby Cactusgod » Wed Aug 27, 2008 6:48 pm

Hey guys,

I wanted to ask everyone's opinion on some things and share my story. I had Intralase done approximately a year and one month ago on my right eye and ONLY my right eye. I had a pretty nasty astigmatism and now its pretty much gone. (I've gone to two different eye doctors who both agree on that fact) About a little less than 8 months later, I started getting some symptoms. I literally woke up one day and had them, which I found to be odd.

First of all, I do now see some light "bleeding" off the television screen, light sources, etc. Also, whenever I look at a television or computer screen and see a black background with white letters, I see double, like, a small duplicate shadowish type of thing coming off either the top or the bottom of the actual letters.

Also, when I read anything, I sort of feel like...the area surrounding the book is like..trying to come into focus or something. Its hard to explain, but it feels almost 3d'ish.

(For example : I hold the book in my hand and I'm looking at the pages. In the background is my washer/dryer, the wall, etc. THOSE background objects seem to want to be the focus of my eyes attention. I guess perhaps this could all be summed up by difficulty focusing on the words i'm trying to look at ?)

My dry eye just recently started to present itself in the form of itching or dryness in the middle of May. About a month after the other symptoms presented themselves. I'm not sure whether or not this is an inflammation issue or an exacerbation of previous issues, however I went to two different lasik doctors and neither of them mentioned that I had dry eye. I've also had moderate sensitivty to light over the past few months, which I am now thinking might be a result of the Intralase procedure.

The interesting thing is, the doubling of the words, the dryness and occasional burning, is happening in BOTH of my eyes. The left eye is experiencing the symptoms to a much lesser degree, but it still has them a bit. Which leads me to believe that the dry eye in the right eye is the cause of these symptoms.

Just yesterday, I was presented with ANOTHER symptom which is probably related to the dry eye as well. When I was a passenger in the front seat of a car yesterday on a bright sunny day, I could barely keep my eyes open. They became ultra tired and started burning. I actually felt the burning in BOTH eyes throughout the rest of the day.

Now, I saw my doctors assistant (who are supposedly doctors but are definitely not opthamalogists as far as I know, so probably optometrists or something). She noticed that I had a little dry eye and prescribed restasis on August 15. Naturally, I will not see results from this for another month at least. However, as luck would have it, (well not really) last week I was getting odd headaches and strain above my eyes, so they decided to give me an appointment with the doctor who performed my surgery. They are wondering why my brain is having trouble adjusting to my right eye being good now.

So, if you read all of that I appreciate it, and I have a few questions now. I dont really have them in any order, but I'll just ask them as I think of them. Please feel free to respond to any of them.

1) Since I went 8 months symptom free and JUST began having symptoms, is it any more unusual than symptoms lasting longer than they should have? Like, since I've only had them for about 5 months and the general healing length is 6 months, does it work that way for my situation?

2) Both eye doctors i've gone to have suggested that its still very possible for my brain to be adjusting to one eye suddenly becoming good when i've relied on my left eye my whole life. Anyone have an opinion on this or heard anything regarding this? I've been theorizing that if my brain still ignored my right eye for months after lasik, and suddenly began using it, some of the symptoms( like the odd focusing issue) could have resulted.

3) This is perhaps the most important question. Often, I beat myself up every day about making the choice to have the Intralase done, specifically because I didn't need it. I only got it because I thought it might solve my daily headache problem (one eye being crappy and the other being great). Since these symptoms started up out of the blue, how possible is it that they will retreat as well?

4)Since I'm going to see the doctor who actually performed the surgery, should I be extra aggressive in getting solutions and results and how aggressive should I get? I'm kind of on the fence as to what legal options are on the table, but I suppose that can only be answered by each persons individual experiences with the doctor.

5) I understand that many people here have persistent dry eye and have had it for awhile, but I wanted to know the odds are dry eye hanging around for people who have dry eye after symptoms present themselves months later. Are there any statistics on the subject?

I appreciate everyone taking the time to read or answer any of these questions, and I will check back often to thank anyone who responds, and perhaps to post more questions if I remember them ;p
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Postby CTOD » Tue Sep 23, 2008 7:49 pm

If the "dryness" started in May and your eyes are itchy it may be due to seasonal allergies. Allergies could make the irritation on your cornea worse and that could contribute to your vision problem and light sensitivity. The headaches could be allery/sinus related as well. I would be careful about being "aggressive" with the Dr if you want/need his help to figure out what is going on. Hope you are feeling better.
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