7+ years after Lasik.......

Post your questions and start your research in this forum if more than three months ago you had any type of surgery to reduce the need for glasses and contacts.

7+ years after Lasik.......

Postby TnCW » Sun Sep 21, 2008 5:52 am

And I'm now trying to find contacts to fit.

Any one have success wearing contacts after Laisk?

Please understand...Lasik DID work for me.
It was Me than did NOT work for Lasik.

I had it done when I was 18, I'm now 25.
I was young, and took my chances they would not continue to change...They did.
I'm 20/40...real close to 20/40 with both eyes.
It my left eye that is worse.

My current Eye doctor says, he thinks I we will be able to find a pair that fit.
But it may be a trial and error for the first few times.
As my eye is "flat" due to Lasik.

The bad news is....Apparently you can't sleep with them in.
I know..I know..You should never sleep with them in.
But I have seen some advertised that are like 30 Nigh, and Day.

I just hope there are some I can wear.......
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Postby LasikExpert » Sun Sep 21, 2008 9:53 am

At age 18 the eyes may not have yet stabilized. The most that would be the probable outcome would be a reduced need of corrective lenses for several years, as you have experienced.

Although contacts or glasses are appropriate methods of correction, enhancement Lasik surgery may be an option too. You are now older. Your eyes may have become stable after changes relating to age or regression. In addition to Lasik enhancement, it is now possible to have PRK on the Lasik flap. This would keep the amount of untouched corneal tissue the same and help maintain stability.

As for contact lenses, soft contacts may work well, there are reverse geometry contact lenses, and there are hybrid lenses that are hard and soft to correct like rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses with the comfort of soft lenses.

You have many options, but you need a comprehensive evaluation from a competent doctor to know what may be best for you.

Also, many Lasik clinics provide lifetime enhancements. You may want to check with your original Lasik doctor to see what services may be available to you without additional charge.
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