eye twitching / spasm

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eye twitching / spasm

Postby Ty » Fri Oct 17, 2008 1:31 pm

It's been 10 months since my Lasik / Zyoptix surgery. I've always found I have had night halos / star bursts at night, but, whatever nothings perfect. However within the last 5 days it has gotten worse. At night, the Halos are extremely large now. Starburst are also much more noticeable. Also I have a very strange twitching / spasm in my right eye. Every 10 or so minutes it will start to twitch. It's not really painful, just feels extremely weird. I have made an appointment with my surgeon for next week to see whats going on. I have had no other complications till now, never really experienced dry eyes, and stopped using drops after 6 - 7 months as they didn't feel dry anymore.

Im a 26 year old male, and had a 7.0 prescription prior to the surgery. Anyone ever have this issue ?.
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Postby LasikExpert » Fri Oct 17, 2008 10:48 pm

The combination of increased night vision problems and twitching indicates something other than normal refractive error and it seems very doubtful it has anything to do with your Lasik. Although there are several possible answers, it would be best if you report here what your doctor says after an examination.
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Postby Ty » Fri Oct 17, 2008 11:26 pm

Thanks for the reply mate, I was beginning to think no one cared ;-). I will give what advice I get next week , and maybe you can cross examine their expertise.

Thanks ,Ty
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Postby Ty » Wed Oct 22, 2008 4:24 pm

Went in yesterday for my check up, it's been the 1 year mark. The spasm is gone away, doctor said it was probably stress or no sleep ( im not stressed, and I get about 8 hours a night, so, strange ). As for the night Halos, he said it could of been something I was having prior to the surgery, but since the surgery I have been more conscious about it. I had a high prescription, ( about 6.1 ) and they said it MIGHT be possible that it will not go away. However, my eyes have healed extremely well.

All in all, Im extremely happy with my surgery.
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