After 3 weeks, woke up this morning right eye cant focus

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After 3 weeks, woke up this morning right eye cant focus

Postby ccarnett » Sat Nov 08, 2008 4:13 am

Its been 3 weeks since my Intra-Lasik operation. My eyes have never been better, in fact better than 20/20 vision. Absolutely no problems.

But I woke up early this morning and my right eye felt extremely dry so I applied the wet drops and went back to sleep.

I woke up again and opened my eyes to notice that my right eye is completely blurry and I cant focus on anything, not even holding my hand in front of my eye.

I have been good about not rubbing my eyes at all, and I dont think I rubbed it during my sleep last night. I stopped wearing the shields a week ago.

My eye feels a bit irritated, maybe its inflammed from dry eye, but Im a bit worried as it doesnt feel like its regaining power. It doesnt feel right. :?:

Ive read many posts of this symptom happening 1 or 2 days afterwards, but Ive had my surgery 3 full weeks ago with no problems until now. I cant even focus on the words on my screen clearly. I can read them but they are blurry and just plain weird.

Ive scheduled an appointment with my doc for later today, I will post again of what she has to say about this.

Im Just nervous I may have rubbed my eyes in my sleep and punctured a hole in the flap or torn it somehow..

I think I start wearing the shields again, although the doc only advises to wear them for 1 week.

Has anyone ever had this condition? Please help.

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Postby johnny_F » Mon Nov 10, 2008 5:29 pm

Sorry to hear about your discomfort. This actually sounds similar to what I went through. I had relatively no dry eye discomfort until the 3 week mark, when it came in full force, especially upon waking. My doctor assured me everything was ok and to just be patient. It became more of a minor problem by the end of month 3. I am a couple of weeks shy of 6 months post-op and still improving. I no longer use drops (although I never found them to be much help), and my eyes only bother me from time to time. The one thing I've learned about this is patience, which is why I am hopeful they will just keep getting better. I plan on seeing a dry eye specialist soon for a second opionion, but mostly just for peace of mind to make sure every thing looks ok.

Hang in there. It will get better, but there is definitely no harm in seeing your doctor.
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went to see the Doc

Postby ccarnett » Mon Nov 10, 2008 11:59 pm

Thanks for the Support Johnny F.

I went to my Doc and she told me that yes, it was dry eye. She gave me a new pack of tears and gel for night time. But it was a bit spooky not being able to focus on your own hand in front of your face for a day.

But my doctor assured me it was dry eye and the flap looked great and everything seemed to be healing fine. Hopefully those 3 weekers can find this post if they get the same problem. Haha, its so easy to freak out over your eyes! Take it easy!

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