Lasik Flap

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Lasik Flap

Postby Adnan Zaman » Sun Nov 09, 2008 4:19 pm

I had conventional lasik on may 18th 2008. Due to poor night vision i am looking forward to have a wavefront retreatment done. The flap was created on both my eyes using the nidek mk-2000 microkeratome and was 160um in thickness. After lasik, my corneal thickness in the right eye is 446um, and in the left eye it is 460um. I have no signs of ectasia and everything is in normal condition.

My questions are:

1) When i get the retreatment done, instead of lifting the old flaps can new thinner flaps be created using femtosecond laser? I am thinking of having all laser lasik instead of lifting the flaps so that my corneal stromal bed remains untouched.

2) If new flap is created over the old flap, will it affect my cornea in an adverse manner and reduce its bio-mechanical strength? Will it have any long term implications?

What is your advise?
Adnan Zaman
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